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It seems everywhere you look, somebody’s wearing a fabulous leopard print. Whether they’re donning a luxuriou coat or more subtle leopard booties, here are some great ways everyone can wear this look.


leopard print booties
PC: Erin Heffelfinger @style_erin


Call of the Wild: Why Leopard Print?

Leopard print flatters just about everyone, which makes it a really fun and interesting neutral. Yes, leopard is a neutral. Within the “leopard” apparel category there’s a lot of versatility in terms of style and pattern. You can dress it up in the form of a nice pencil skirt or blouse. You can dress it down with cozy jeans and T-shirt or a faux leather jacket. And the right print can work with every body type and coloring. But not all leopard print is created equal, and some styles that look fantastic on one person could spell disaster for another! So here are some different prints and ways to make them work for you.


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PC: Erin Heffelfinger @style_erin


Two Factors to consider when wearing leopard

This might not come as a huge shock, but just as animal designs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so do we. So we’re going to be the most successful wearing prints that complement our natural assets, rather than conflict with them.


  • Color Matters: A print with lots of heavy black accents could be divine on people with richer coloring. But that contrast would completely overwhelm someone with pale skin and reddish hair. So instead of trying to pull off a bold pattern, stick with more subdued tones that complement your natural coloring.
  • Size Matters: Most leopard print is a relatively small pattern, but you’re making a very different statement when you’re wearing a full-length leopard jacket or blazer than when you just have a subtle leopard handbag or a pair of flats. Both can be great choices, but one will definitely attract more attention than the other.


animal print wardrobe


Other great animal prints to try

Maybe you adore leopard, but want to add a little diversity to your wardrobe? Or you’re sick and tired of leopard and want to be unique? In either case, there are lots of great options. Here are a few favorites:


  • Tiger– Though not as neutrally flattering as leopard, tiger print might be trending this spring. Several designers incorporated it on the runway during Fashion Week, so don’t be surprised if you see more of it! It’s bolder than leopard and its rich orange tones can be absolutely stunning on the right person. But it definitely does NOT work for everyone!
  • Peacock– Is it especially popular right now? Not really, but is it lots of fun? Of course! Try incorporating the rich teal peacock tones into your wardrobe or accessories.
  • Zebra– Deep brunettes will look especially stunning with these contrasting white and black tones. Zebra adds a little extra visual complexity to basic black and white stripes but can be incredibly flattering.
  • Cheetah– Cheetah’s a close cousin of leopard, and people often use them interchangeably. But the cheetah print is slightly smaller and doesn’t have as much color variation. But both are great options!
  • Snakeskin– This is another fun and versatile print that can serve as a neutral. It gives great texture to your outfits without going too overboard.


Jungle Boogie

So whether you’re wearing leopard, cheetah, zebra, or giraffe-prints, let your creativity run wild! What are your favorite ways to wear animal print?

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