best baby foods to start with

Consuming the necessary foods is important for your baby’s development. Fortunately, whether you buy it or make your own, there are plenty of ways baby food provides the needed nutrients!

Much like the discussion around breast milk versus bottled milk, there are a lot of opinions about baby food. Picking up baby food at the local market is easy enough, but pureeing vegetables and fruit isn’t so hard either! Fortunately, baby food from the bottle is still very high in the nutrients and vitamins your child needs to grow. Whether you decide to stick to the bottle or reach for the blender is up to you. It’s just important to know the best foods for your little one so they grow up to be healthy toddlers!

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What are the best baby foods to start with?

Developing a baby feeding schedule can seem complicated at first, but it gets easier with time. There are baby food stages within the first few months that make feeding time easy! At 4-6 months, children can have single-grain cereals mixed with baby formula, milk or water. Between 6 and 8 months, you can introduce pureed and strained foods like fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Around 8-10 months, they can begin consuming egg yolks and cheese. They can also eat baby finger foods like soft vegetables, beans and small pieces of meat. When they’re nearly a year old, they can eat most foods as long as they’re easy to consume. Peanut butter, eggs, wheat, and shellfish should not be consumed in the first year to avoid food allergies in babies.

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Is it cost effective to make your own baby food?

Whether you’re purchasing standard Gerber or organic baby food, it can get costly to buy by the bottle! Depending on how much your baby eats, it can be around $50 to $100 per month. Fortunately, making your own healthy baby food recipes with a baby food processor can be a budget-conscious way to go. For a simple vegetable or fruit-based baby foods, wash, peel and pit the foods you’re preparing. You can steam, boil or microwave them and then mash or puree them for your own baby food jars. While you may want to add spices, stay away from additives like salt and sugar. If you’re preparing recipes with meat, cook the protein until it’s very soft. Once cooked properly, you can puree or grind and add liquid to get the appropriate texture. Making your own baby food can be nutritional and cost effective!

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What are the best foods for a baby?

A lot of the staples of an adult diet are good for babies. However, there are quite a few foods that can add extra oomph to their baby food diet. Berries like strawberries and especially blueberries are full of antioxidants. These can help your baby’s brain and eyes. Bananas are rich in potassium and also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Sweet potatoes may be one of the best foods for adults, but they’re great for babies too! These roots vegetables are chock full of vitamin Ciron and copper. Yogurt mixed with fruit is a good snack option too as it’s rich in calcium and vitamin D. Avocados, iron-fortified cereal and carrots are also great foods to get your infant off to a nutritious start.

What are some simple baby food recipes?

It can be easy enough to mash and puree to your heart’s content! However, if you’re getting bored of standard baby food fare, you might want to try something a little bit different.  Why not try preparing potatoes, carrots, zucchini and chicken breast by blending, cooking and then adding oil. While simple can be good, making a different mix can provide some unique flavor combinations for your little one!

Buying baby food by the bottle can be an easy choice. However, it can also be easy to make your own recipes from scratch for a nutritional, inexpensive meal. If you have your own baby food recipes, please share them with us on FamilyApp! Whether you go with bottled or homemade, getting the right nutrients for your infant are important for their healthy development.

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