Finger Food for Children: Fun Snacks They’ll Love

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Need some new meal inspirations for some snacks for your kids? Here are some great finger food choices they’re sure to love!

The preference for sweets is inborn, starting with our mother’s milk. We develop our preference for sweets in order for us to understand the difference between toxic and safe foods. So, it’s very normal for children to love sweets. But it is also important to teach our kids healthy eating behavior. So here are some ideas for healthy finger food.

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Children love finger food for their fruits and veggies

healthy carbs in fruitsChildren love foods they can eat with their fingers. Chopped vegetables or fruits cut into fun shapes are a great alternative to processed snacks. For example, you can cut some bell peppers, carrots or cucumbers. You can also chop up apples and cut strawberries in two.

Some children tend to avoid some of these at first, but you can easily figure out which kind of vegetables and fruits your kids like. Eat together with your children because by watching you, they might become more comfortable with these new foods.

Protein-packed finger foods

Nuts are a perfect finger food. They are not only tasty but also full of essential fatty acids. These finger foods contain important fibers as well as proteins. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts and more are also filled with many vitamins like Vitamin E and selenium.

Finger food for every season

Each season offers wonderful fruit and vegetables. All you have to do is discover them! Seasonal fruit and vegetables will enhance your child’s sense of taste and at the same time give you a balanced diet. Try it out! Here are a few tips for seasonal finger food for children.

Healthy fall finger food

healthy fall finger foods pumpkin seedsIt’s getting colder and the days are becoming shorter. Fall is coming. But fall is also the best time for healthy eating because most fruits and vegetables are now available. A good idea for finger food – especially around Halloween – are pumpkins. While you are preparing a weird pumpkin for a Halloween Party, you can use the fruit flesh for baking pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin seeds are delicious, too! Children love them.

Healthy winter finger food

During the winter time, you can make many different types of healthy finger food for your children. You can also make some Christmas finger food with fruits and vegetables. A Grinch kabob, for example, is made of marshmallows, strawberries and green grapes. You can also slice an apple and build a candy cane. Here are some more ideas for a perfect and healthy finger food for Christmas.

Healthy spring finger food

The days become longer and nature awakes from its deep hibernation. The rising spring brings an inspiration for many different ideas for a healthy finger food for children: You can combine rhubarb with the first May strawberries. It’s a tasty combination. Your kids might even prefer eating them straight from the pail after strawberry picking!

In spring you can also serve radishes. Radishes are also perfect to plant together with your children because the first seedlings appear after two or three days. The best planting condition is a soil temperature between 46°F and 86°F. So enjoy the fruit of your garden with your kids.

finger food fruit popsicles kids

Healthy summer finger food

During the summer you can easily make some fruit-flavored ice cream, popsicles, or sorbet on your own. Just be sure to have plenty of napkins!

You just need fruit juice – preferably with 100 percent fruit content – and an ice form. You can also do some delicious sherbet. Just mash some fruits, mix them with buttermilk or natural yogurt and freeze them. In general, fruit-flavored ice delivers less energy and fats than sherbet.

Another huge summer favorite: watermelon! It’s cheap, easy to eat, and with so many seedless options, you don’t even have to stop and spit them out!

Enjoy some sweet treats.

It is also important to allow your kids some sweets. By forbidding sweets you might only increase the allure for kids. Just set a limit and choose the kind of sweets wisely. But you shouldn’t use sweets as a reward or as a consolation. By doing so, your kids will use this behavior pattern also as adults and will reward themselves with eating some sweets. This could give rise to unhealthy eating and overweight.

What are your child’s favorite finger foods? Do you ever get nutrition tips from family and friends on FamilyApp? Let us know!

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