Women’s Empowerment: Equality for All

girl and women's empowerment

There’s never been a more relevant time to get involved in your community! Start a women’s empowerment group so you can inspire the girls and women close to you.

With the current state of the world, the safeguarding of human rights and equality is just as important as ever. And, alongside the fight for so many other things, the women’s empowerment movement remains an important issue. Many girls around the world are marginalized simply because of their gender without access to education and healthcare. Fortunately, the connectedness of our world means it’s never been easier to make a positive contribution. Share your tips for improving the lives of girls on your favorite family app!

What Is Women’s Empowerment?

Female empowerment is quite simply providing women with the opportunities and influence to pursue the same goals as men. Multiple studies, including that of the World Economic Forum, indicate that the global fight for gender equality is ongoing. However, many people don’t realize that it can start with the youngest women.

While gender discrimination occurs from birth, it’s in adolescence that girls really start to notice an imbalance. More girls will experience domestic violence, a lack of access to education, and malnutrition. That’s why women’s empowerment programs can help them develop the confidence they need to lead. In a safe environment with the opportunity to make their own life choices and get an education, girls can do anything!

Why Is Women’s Empowerment Important?

Female empowerment is the only way to ensure every girl can be a positive force in her community! Here are some reasons why it’s so important. Share your own on FamilyApp with others!

  • Human Rights – To live in an egalitarian and just world, it’s important that women have access to opportunities without discrimination. Women’s empowerment means they can be a force for leadership and change.
  • Breaks the Poverty Cycle – According to the Brookings Institution, each additional year of school increases a girl’s wage by approximately 12%. When girls have more education, they can invest money back into their families and provide education for their own kids.
  • Caring for Community – Girls who grow up with opportunities and education will probably want to give back to see their own community bloom. Whether they contribute time or funds, a female empowerment network allows women to be mentors in their own neighborhoods.

How Do You Start a Women’s Empowerment Group?

If you want to get more involved in how to empower women and girls, there are a few ways to do it. With some tips and a few trusted people, you too can have a meaningful impact!

  • Visualize – Before starting, decide on the kind of women’s empowerment club you want to create. Put pen to paper and write down the steps to get there. It’s also worth determining who your ideal candidates might be.
  • Decide on Meet-Ups – Online meetups are a popular and easy option these days. However, whatever way you want to do it, decide on a meetup time or place and stick to it. This will ensure that everyone in the group can manage their time and knows what to expect.
  • Make a Budget – To ensure that your girl empowerment activities don’t get out of hand, track all of the expenses. If group members are paying membership fees, this can be a way to pay for programs or expeditions. If not, you may have to cover the costs of each activity yourself and economize.
  • Embrace Diversity – The ideal girl empowerment group is going to have a variety of approaches and experiences to draw from. This means that every woman will have the opportunity to share a skill and learn from each other. Share your own tips on your favorite family app!

Girl Power

There’s a long way to go for worldwide gender equality, but it makes for stronger communities and a more egalitarian world. Luckily, if you’re thinking of starting a women’s empowerment group, it can be as easy as making a plan. Do you have any ideas for making a group that’s fun? Share them with other organizers in our comments! After all, your enthusiasm and inspiration are an important part of what makes the world better.

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