You’re a Cricut Crafter Now: Cricut Projects for Beginners

cricut projects for beginners cricut maker

When you enter the world of Cricut projects, it can be overwhelming. If you just bought a Cricut machine and aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got some tips and suggestions for beginner Cricut projects to get you started.

First off, setting yourself up for success in your new endeavor means learning the ropes, making a plan, and gathering the right materials. That’s where Cricut Bundles can come in handy.

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Better in Bundles

Bundles are a great way to save some money when you’re just starting out with Cricut projects. With great options like the Premium Vinyl Essentials, Smart Label Everything, and Infusible Ink™ Essentials, you can get all that you need at once. You can also get bundles made with machines included. You can get a great machine (in a cute color, too) with add-ons like basic tools, materials, adapters, grip mats, pens, blades, over 50 ready-to-make crafts, and a free trial membership to Cricut Access.

What Is Cricut Access?

Cricut Access is a membership that gives you 10% off your Cricut purchases (and various other offers and discounts) and access to thousands of SVG images and fonts in Cricut Design Space. I highly recommend this program, especially if you ever intend on starting your own business selling products you’ve made with Cricut.

What Is the Cricut Design Space?

This is Cricut’s free, easy-to-learn design software program you’ll need to design and cut your projects. All machines come with Design Space. It’s cloud-based, so you can access your files anytime from any smart device. You can create designs from scratch or choose from thousands of ready-to-make projects.

Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners

Cricut Projects for the Organizer: DIY Pantry Labels

For some of us, pantry organization is a necessity and form of self-care. For others, it’s a luxury we can only dream of. With a Cricut, organizing a pantry gets a lot simpler when you can print out custom labels for exactly what you need. It makes life easier, especially when you have a squeezy applesauce emergency and they’re in their perfectly labeled bin.

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Customizable Tooth Fairy Pouches

When the tooth fairy comes, it’s a pretty big deal. But it’s important that the tooth doesn’t get lost in the abyss between the pillow, headboard, wall, and covers. That’s where an adorable tooth pouch comes in. Create a custom design with a combination of a tooth and your child’s name and heat transfer onto a simple burlap drawstring bag.

Birthday Cards

This is the most simple craft you can find to get started with Cricut. Who wants to spend half an hour in the store looking for the PERFECT card that is funny, but not cheesy, sweet, but not mushy, and edgy, but not inappropriate. I wish I could get back the hours that I’ve spent in Target trying to find the perfect card, only to buy a pack of blank cards and writing my own. With a professional-looking card made with Cricut, you really can’t go wrong. You can also find plenty of Cricut gift ideas to go with your card, especially on Pinterest.

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Vinyl Stickers

In the Cricut Design Space, you can turn anything you can imagine into a custom vinyl decal or sticker. Just think of all that blank space you have on your laptop. Or bumper. Or water bottle. Really, the possibilities here are endless.

Paper Flowers

If you’re into papercraft, spruce up your space with some pretty paper flowers, a super easy beginner Cricut project. You can attach them to a frame or canvas, or simply display them in the middle of the table. With over ten different flower designs, you can create a one-of-a-kind floral masterpiece. Once you get the hang of it, you will never buy another silk/fake flower again!

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With the Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and their brand of tile coasters, make this great gift idea using design space images or your own SVG file. If you feel like you need to seal it, use a thin layer of Mod Podge

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Can Koozies

Nothing says summer like a cold can in a koozie. With a personalized koozie, you can show everyone your own style! Whether you like hard seltzer, soda, or beer, a koozie will make sure you never lose track of your drink.

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Party Décor

When you’re planning a party, between the guests, refreshments, games, and music, sometimes party decor can slip through the cracks. With Cricut, you can make banners, signs, cake (or cupcake) toppers, tags, and party favors in a snap! Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party or a bachelorette bash, everyone will be impressed.

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Cricut Projects for the Bride-to-Be: Makeup Bags

This is one of my favorite ideas, especially as bridesmaid gifts. You can have each bridesmaid’s monogram added with HTV, and she can use it on the big day. Or, you can create monogrammed tote bags for carrying all the day-of essentials. You can also personalize robes for the girls to wear while they’re getting ready! If you make custom robes, be sure to use ones with a closer-knit fabric.

Home Décor

If you have a saying around your house that bears repeating, you may just need a piece of home decor that reinforces it. Or, proudly represent your family’s last name with stenciled wooden pieces. Cricut also makes it easy to create custom holiday decor at home so you don’t have to venture out into the holiday crowds.

Custom Kitchenware and Dishware

If you’re the type who loves your decor to change with the seasons, Cricut can help. Whether it’s bats for Halloween or holly for Christmas, you can add custom decals to jars, plates, cups, canisters, and more! If you’re not ready to sacrifice your expensive dishes, check out the Dollar Tree for blank, ceramic dishware.

More Tips for Your Beginner Cricut Projects

If you need a beginner’s guide and tutorial for all things Cricut, check out Cricut Project Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Your Cricut Machine by Angela Carson. For a more updated (albeit expensive) guide, check out Cricut Maker: 4 Books in 1: The Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Master the Cricut Maker, its Accessories & Materials, Cut Your DIY Crafts Thanks to Projects Ideas & Cricut Design Space Software.

If you’re worried about crafting being a strain on your eyes, purchase a magnifying glass/light combination so you can craft with confidence and ease.

What Are the Best Cricut Machines for Beginners?

Whenever you start a certain kind of crafting, it’s tempting to get the machine with all the bells and whistles. However, the best action plan is to start with a simpler machine for your first Cricut crafts, or even purchase a used/refurbished machine. When certain models are discontinued, you can usually find them at much cheaper prices from 3rd-party sellers.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is an excellent choice, for these reasons:

  • Bluetooth is included, so you can cut wirelessly (who wants all those annoying cables?)With 2x fast mode, you can save time when cutting vinyl and paper. That way, you can easily try all kinds of designs quickly as you’re learning.
  • The dual tool holder lets you easily start cutting, drawing, and scoring without having to bother with changing tools between passes.

If you’re on a budget, the Cricut Explore One is a great beginner option. It’s like the “entry-level” machine, and it’s the least expensive option out there! But don’t worry, it can still cut over 100 different materials (all the basics–paper, cardstock, adhesive and iron-on vinyl, bonded fabric) and works with all the different Cricut tools. If you’re not ready to financially commit to the Explore Air 2, this is the machine to consider.


Other Machines to Consider for Your Cricut Projects

Cricut Maker: A Cricut Maker Machine has an extensive range of features. However, if you have the budget and a big creative appetite, go for it! There are plenty of Cricut tutorials out there to help you navigate all of this machine’s capabilities.

Cricut Joy: If you’re looking for something portable with a compact design, this is perfect. With plenty of capabilities, it’s great for smaller projects.

Cricut Explore Air: This is an archived product that you can often find used, perfect if you’re just testing the waters with Cricut.

Cricut EasyPress: If you know that your craft projects will involve iron-on HTV (heat transfer vinyl), then the EasyPress will make your iron-ons much easier. This is especially helpful if T-shirts or adorable baby bodysuits will be your go-to Cricut projects.

Make a Community of Cricutters and Share Cricut Projects on FamilyApp!

What are your favorite Cricut ideas? Start a group on FamilyApp with your fellow Cricuters where you can swap tips, tutorials, and Cricut project ideas. Don’t forget to share pictures of your DIY creations, too! Happy Cricuting!

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