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Let’s get this party started! But how do we pay for it?! We have some ideas to make your next kids birthday party as special as possible – even on a budget.

General Kids Birthday Party Ideas

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a birthday party, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Even a special dinner for your child’s birthday is low-key and perfectly wonderful way to celebrate.

But if you do want to plan a party, here are some questions to consider before you get started.

How Long Should The Party Last?

The answer helps you to set a time frame for the party. Most small children can’t concentrate very long and get tired soon. So a party for them should not last longer than a couple of hours in the afternoon, or even an hour and a half is great. Older children might want the party to last a little longer, and might also require less parental supervision.

kids birthday party

Kids Birthday Party – With Or Without Adults?

This often depends on the age of the children. If you’re going for a party without parents, make sure that every kid gets home safely by the end of the party. If your party is at a venue like a kids’ play area where there is lots of staff supervision, you might be able to drop your child off and pick them up later.

How Many People Will Be There?

This question is important for your shopping list and raises some more: How many drinks and food do you need? Does the party fit into the living room or do you need to rent a place? And are there still enough party hats in the cabinet?

One good rule of thumb: aim for the same number of friends as your child’s age. So a one-year-old really just needs one guest (if you have a party at all) and a 5-year-old can handle 5. Other people like to include lots of friends and neighbors, which can also be fun for everyone.

Themes For Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday CakeIn general, the theme for a kids birthday party mostly depends on gender and age. While young birthday girls mostly celebrate their special day with a princess or fairy theme, little birthday boys might go with a party about superheroes or cars.

If you don’t want to encourage gender stereotypes, you can suggest a birthday party theme that is more general and appeals to both girls and boys. Examples are wild animals, space, sports or the zoo. This is also a good idea for a party with guests of both genders.

Plus, a more general theme works for people of all ages. So you can also involve children of different age groups as well as adult guests. However, when your child is old enough to request a birthday theme, talk about it and compromise. You should respect that it is their special day, not yours.

Decorations And Activities For Kids Birthday Parties

When throwing a kids birthday party with a special theme, most parents like to decorate the place accordingly. If you don’t have any ideas for birthday party decorations, go to a local store with party equipment. If you have a tight budget, the Dollar Tree and Five Below have great party decorations!

In bigger cities, there are more and more stores specialize in kids birthday
parties. There are also many online shops like Oriental Trading Company that help you out with the perfect accessories for birthday party places.

You don’t have to do anything too intense, but it’s always good to plan party activities. Need ideas? Revisit the classics that you might remember from your own birthday parties as a child: Musical Chairs, Treasure Hunt, Pin the Tail on the Donkey… Of course, you can also hire someone to keep the children busy: A balloon artist, a magician, or organize a pony ride or petting zoo.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

We get it- most of us aren’t going to spend thousands creating a perfectly magical experience for our child’s birthday party.

Many kids want to celebrate their birthdays not only the whole family, but also with their friends. But just because you don’t have an unlimited budget doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great party!

Instead of buying expensive birthday party decorations, make your on your own- or go to the Dollar Tree. Their $1 mylar balloons are fantastic!

Pinterest can also be a big help here, just keep reasonable expectations. As a mom who’s more likely to create a #pinterestfail than awesome craft everyone copies, look at Pinterest boards with an open mind and sense of humor.

More Kid’s Party Ideas:

  • Follow a color scheme to create a beautiful party- make simple birthday parties costumes
  • Make it a dress-up party where costumes take center stage.
  • Ask the children to bring something funny or actively usable during the party.
  • Make it a craft theme, where kids make their own creations.
  • Let the children bake their own birthday muffins or mini pizzas instead of buying a birthday cake or hiring a caterer.
  • Host the party at a public park. Buy one or two balloons, put them at a picnic table, and let the kids play. They might have more fun with this laid-back approach than something more intricate. Plus, it’s easier for you!

All in all, make sure your child knows you can’t fulfill every single wish they have. But you will do your best to throw them a very special birthday party. Have a great party! And be sure to share your favorite photos with friends and family on FamilyApp!

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