8 Truths About Being an Identical Triplet

8 Truths About Being an Identical Triplet

“What is it like being a triplet?” If my triplet sisters and I had a dollar for every time we were asked this, we would be rich! Just kidding! We love to share just how cool and different being an identical triplet can be. Here are 8 truths you may or may not know about the life of an identical triplet. 

1. Identical Triplets Share A LOT

If you and your siblings thought you shared a lot, we probably have you beat. Heck, we shared a womb all the way to a room together. We were also taught to share anything from snacks to our bathroom, clothing, shoes, friends, and more. Though sometimes we get possessive if there is a particular item of clothing or restaurant leftovers that is rightfully ours, sharing taught us many lessons and made sure we always shared the prize. 

2. Finding Our Own Independence Can Be Tough

Being independent isn’t something most people fully acknowledge, but as triplets, it is both tough and needed. Imagine going nearly your entire life with two best friends by your side. It’s an amazing experience, and you always depend on each other, but it is also important to find your own footing.

This is definitely something my sisters, and I have gone through in our years out of college. Finding our own independence in ourselves has been liberating, but at times lonely as well. Something that many wouldn’t think of as extremely groundbreaking is something that is a tough journey. Though we may live in different states or develop our own relationships, careers, paths, and lives, we know we can always come back to each other and have each other to lean on and talk to. 

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3. Identical Triplets Get Asked a Lot of the Same Questions

As an identical triplet, my sisters and I literally grew up together doing a majority of the same things, looking very similar doing them. Especially when we were younger, our mom would dress us in similar if not identical outfits. Naturally, this attracts people’s attention, and you wouldn’t believe some of the hilarious looks, questions, and comments we received. Here are a few popular ones:

“Do you play tricks on people?”

“Have you switched classes?”

“Are you clones?”

“Do you feel each other’s pain?”

“Can you read each other’s minds?”

Sorry, but no we are not clones, nor can we feel each other’s pain or read each other’s minds. And because we are so similar we wouldn’t want to switch classes (as we all liked the same subjects). We already unintentionally trick people a lot, and we are too nice to intentionally do so. Some of these we answer with grace because we know that people can be generally curious and just want to learn more, but we do ask to be respectful and acknowledge some of our individuality.

4. We Love Our Other Siblings, Too

We have to give a big shout-out to the siblings of multiples. They may sometimes unintentionally not feel as included or get the same sort of attention we receive as identical triplets or multiples. My sisters and I have a little sister who is 5 years younger than us. Even though she may feel left out of the strange triplet bond at times, that doesn’t mean we love her any less. And we are definitely jealous of the fact that she got more attention as the younger sibling and also had her own room growing up!  

5. Everything Is Plural When You’re an Identical Triplet

A word that is common to my triplet sisters and I’s language is the word “we.” As we grew up together, WE pretty much did everything together, including swimming lessons, celebrating birthdays, school, homework, clubs, and more. So naturally, in a phrase where someone would use the word “I,” we would say “we.” If I find myself saying “we” in a certain story or scenario, I will always do my best to explain to people why I am speaking in plural. 😉

6. Competition Is High as an Identical Triplet

Regular siblings or family members may already be competitive by nature, but when you’re competing with your own identical sisters’ things can get even more competitive. We may downplay it sometimes, but having other siblings around can be motivating. We wouldn’t deny we’ve felt competitive with each other about who was the faster swimmer, who got better grades, or won a game. In the end, it’s all in good fun, and we’ve all had our chance to shine in the spotlight.

7. Identical Triplet Relationships Are Unique

Our friends and significant others could definitely tell you that being friends with triplets is a whole new ball game. But a fun ball game at that! Picture this: if we meet a friend, especially when we were younger, that friend also has two more built-in friends! Making the conversation and adventures always a fun time with an automatic squad.

As for relationships, it may be a little confusing for our boyfriends/significant others at times, so we are sorry for that. But we definitely always want to be known for ourselves and expect our significant others to know the difference. Any significant other also has to be pretty much accepted into the other triplets and our little sister. It’s nothing against the boyfriend, but we are always looking out for each other!

8. Identical Triplets Are Best Friends for Life

As you can probably tell, identical triplets and multiples (at least in our case) have a pretty strong bond! Through being born together, through going through similar life events together – one can see why we are so close. Through any distance and good times and bad, having built-in friends for life will always be amazing! 

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