Plan Your Next Trip With The Best Travel Apps!

Best Travel Apps

Planning an adventure is part of the fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easier. Try the following travel apps for some inside tips on your next favorite place!

For many travelers, part of the fun of going on a trip is getting into the planning process. Finding the right hotels and restaurants can help you learn about a destination and really get excited! And, while that may be part of the thrill, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few shortcuts. After all, there are many travel apps out there that can make the planning a little more fuss-free. Be sure to share your own finds with others on your favorite family app!

What Are the Best Travel Apps for iPhone?

Whether you’re waiting for a deal or want the schedule done for you, these apps might be just what you’re looking for!

1.  Hopper

If you’re the kind of traveler who’s always waiting for a good deal, Hopper is for you! It works by reviewing historical data to determine when the best time is to book your trip. For instant travel apps discounts, you can set up a notification that will tell you when the price is low!

2. TripIt

For the traveler who doesn’t want to do a lot of research, TripIt is the travel planner app for you! All you need to do is send off your travel confirmations and they’ll provide you with an itinerary. And, if you think it sounds too good to be true, it’s free and no Wi-Fi is needed! Share your own itinerary on FamilyApp.

What Are the Best Travel Apps for Android?

From currency exchange to the best deals around, these Android apps will get you ready for whatever’s down the road.

3. Hipmunk

This great travel app is perfect for the person who’s ready to discover new destinations. Not only will it give you ideas on what you’ll like, you’ll get the lowest flight and hotel prices around! It will even give you a map based on your proximity to the area’s entertainment. Luckily, there are also plenty of instant deals to be had in the apps Tonight Deal’s feature!

4. XE Currency

When it comes to money exchange, it’s important to get the best conversion out there to maximize your moolah. This is among the best free travel apps for keeping you aware of exchange rates, even when you’re offline! It also offers every world currency for every imaginable destination.

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What Are the Best Travel Planning Apps?

Some people love to plan, but for those who don’t these apps can organize your trip from beginning to end!

5. Packpoint

We all struggle with what to pack for our vacation, and that’s where the Packpoint app comes in handy! It will check out the weather forecast for when you’re traveling and ask what activities you plan on participating in. You’ll get a list of everything you’ll need, making this one of the travel apps essential for a vacation!

6. TripAdvisor

It might be the first thing that pops up when you search for trips, but don’t discount it because it’s familiar! TripAdvisor allows you to look through loads of reviews, photos, and videos of hotels and restaurants around the world. Plus, this travel guide app gives you the low down on more countries than almost any other app!

Best Travel Apps for Road Trips

7. RoadTrippers

While some people might the travel planning process, if you’re looking for less to organize, Roadtrippers offers travel apps city guides that will help. This great app gives you 7 stops for free where you can get food and attraction recommendations. Be sure to share your own road trip on your favorite family app!

8. HotelTonight

Most of us have all experienced a little anxiety when we’ve arrived somewhere on the fly without a hotel. The HotelTonight app remedies just that with their last-minute deals! In addition to great prices on nearby hotels, it will also let you filter by the amenities you’re looking for.

Planning a trip can be part of the fun. Fortunately, with the right travel apps, you can get help with booking and still maximize the adventures you’ll have. From finding the right airline to reserving a hotel, there’s an app out there that can do it. Do you have any favorite travel apps? Share them with other travelers in our comments! There’s no reason your next trip can’t be made a little bit easier!

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