25 Hilarious Ideas for White Elephant Gifts

white elephant gifts

Are you looking for some ideas for perfect white elephant gifts? We’ve got you covered. From practical gifts to the downright outrageous, check out some of our favorite ideas so you can find a great white elephant gift to bring to the party.

What Is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

Also known as “Yankee Swap,” white elephant is a game in which participants bring a gift that’s silly, funny, or impractical. To start, each attendee draws a number. When someone calls their number, or it’s their turn, they can either pick a new gift or steal one of the already-opened presents. If you have your gift stolen, then it’s your turn. Typically, participants can only steal a gift three times, and then the last “thief” gets to keep the item. The point of the game is to have fun and make people laugh with silly gag gifts. Usually, the organizer sets a price range to $25 or under (because who wants to spend more than that on a gag?).

Best White Elephant Gifts for $10 and Under

Most white elephant gift exchanges happen in large groups. Whether it’s an extended family get-together or an office party, finding white elephant gift ideas with a price limit of $10 isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to find the best white elephant gift on a low budget:

Funny Notepads: Send passive-aggressive memos and kudos the old-fashioned way– with a pen and paper. With one of these notepads, you can send a “paper tantrum, an “office citation,” a “permission slip,” or even an “awesome citation” to your friend, co-worker, family, or guests.

Zen Garden Kitty Litter Box: Cat-lover or not, this kitty litter zen garden will give anyone a chuckle. It’s the perfect addition to any office desk.

white elephant gifts

Crafting with Cat Hair: We all know that person who likes cats…a lot. And that person usually comes to work or brunch unapologetically covered in cat hair. With this craft book, they can put all that cat hair to good use and make some hilarious, albeit quirky, crafts.

Giant Snickers Bar: Guests will probably “steal” this hilariously large Snickers bar quite a few times. Just remind whoever ends up with it that it’s a “sharing” size–even if they disagree. It’s a great gift, even if it’s not a White Elephant exchange!

Because I Said So: A Mini Snarky Mom Coloring Book:  This pocket-sized coloring book is full of sarcastic and funny phrases, such as “Just Another Manic Mom Day,” “Because I Said So,” “Thou Shalt Not Try Me,” and “Naptime is My Happy Hour.” Hopefully, the mom who gets this book will find the time between carpool and swim practice to have a zen moment to color.

Funny White Elephant Gifts for Under $15

Fifteen dollars is the sweet spot of white elephant gifts. For not too much but not too little, you can find some of the best gifts that everyone will totally fight over:

Cold Beer Coats: Your beer should be wearing this little puffer jacket—soft nylon on the outside, metallic fabric inside lining. It’ll stay as cool as it knows it is. (Keeps your hands warm, too.) Clip it to your backpack or belt loop and use the notch to open your bottles.

Shower Beer Holder: Have you heard of the “shower beer” sensation? “The shower beer is actually a great way to improve productivity and creativity,” Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth, of N.Y.C. Surgical Associates, told Fatherly. Make this magical experience happen for some lucky White Elephant participant.

white elephant gifts

Bath Wine Holder: Similar to shower beer, we all know about bath wine. Although it’s been around for ages, this holder makes taking your wine glass to the tub just that much more convenient.

World’s Smallest Violin: We all know the complainer of the group. Whether or not the complainer is the one who opens this gift, they’ll be able to use it next time someone starts griping. It’s not the most practical gift, but that’s not the point. It’s the perfect gift for the comedian of the group.

White Elephant Presents for Under $25: Food Edition

Who’s hungry? These food-themed gifts will make foodies and non-foodies alike hungry for some good grub. Check out our favorite culinary ideas.

Taco Bootie Slippers: What’s not to love about tacos, and why not celebrate them with some fabulous footwear? This unique gift is exactly what the taco enthusiast needs.

Muffin Top Baking Cups: Muffin tops: Elaine Benis of Seinfeld taught us that they’re the best part of the muffin. But they’re also an inevitable part of getting older and fitting into tight jeans. With these baking cups, you can have muffins with a hilarious double-entendre.

Pizza Socks: The recipient of this gift will likely be confused when they unwrap what looks like a pizza box. However, they will be delighted when they figure out it’s a pie made of pizza-themed socks.

Dinosaur Taco Holders: Known for their hard shells and spicy dispositions, dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago. These taco-toting beasts are perfect for some extra mealtime fun.

white elephant gifts

Burrito Blanket: Have you ever felt like a burrito when you’re all wrapped up in your favorite blanket? This blanket makes that sensation a reality. It may make you pretty hungry, too. This may seem like a random gift but just wait. It may be a hit with all your friends.

Shrimp Neck Pillow: We’re not sure who invented this product or why. Perhaps there are shrimp enthusiasts out there who really needed to show the world their love for this savory seafood. Either way, it’s a hilarious gift that’ll get a laugh from everyone at the white elephant party this holiday season.

White Elephant Gifts for $25 and Under: Make ’em Laugh

After the year we’ve had, we could all use a good laugh. Here are some white elephant gift ideas that will make everyone at the gift exchange chuckle:

Joe Exotic Tiger King Puzzle: One of the defining eras of 2020 was the Tiger King craze, in which we all binge-watched one of the most unhinged characters ever to exist–Joe Exotic. Between his unethical tiger park, his hatred for his rival Carole Baskin, and his short-lived stint campaigning for public office, it was like a car wreck from which none of us could look away. This puzzle will memorialize this era and remind us of a person and time we’ll not soon forget.

Gift Exchange Coffee Mug: Sometimes, it’s easiest to keep it simple. Just imagine the lucky person who ends up with this present walking around with this boring gift coffee mug every day, reminding them that they got the worst thing from the white elephant gift exchange.

Michael Scott Sequins Pillow Cover: “The worst thing about prison was the dementors.” This is a great gift for any fan of The Office and will likely be a gag gift that your friend group will be stealing from each other.

Binge-Watching Survival Kit: We’ve all been there. “Just one more episode” turns into a 4-hour event, especially when it comes to Christmas movies around the holiday season. This kit will keep the binge-watcher set to go when the mood strikes to watch all 7 Harry Potter films.

Raining Men Umbrella: The recipient of this white elephant gift will likely be singing this classic tune by the Weather Girls all the way through their rainy day. Practical, punny, and perfect.

White Elephant Ideas for $50 and Under

Some white elephant gift exchanges have price limits set a little higher. That’s where you really get to be creative and fun and perhaps find the perfect White Elephant Gift Idea.

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box: You may be surprised how popular this gift will be! Cuisines from all different regions inspire each distinct hot sauce flavor profile. Whether you like your flavors earthy, tangy, herbal, floral, sour, or savory, you’ll be transported by these sensational arrivals on the hot sauce scene.

Bluetooth Bananaphone: Anyone can add slapstick style to their phone with this handset worthy of a Marx Brothers gag. Just pair it with your device to receive calls and use your favorite voice assistant (like Siri) to make phone calls.

In-Laws Survival Kit: It’s a fact of life and love: Extended visits with the in-laws sometimes become…well…strenuous. But that’s when this stress-busting survival kit comes to the rescue. A little humorous but truly helpful, it includes a soothing bubble bath, cooling eye cream, refreshing pillow mist, earplugs, and an eye mask.

Penny Hockey Game: Even if your skating skills aren’t worth a red cent, you don’t have to put your major-league dreams on ice when you can cash in on the Stanley Cup in the comfort of your own home. Give friends and family members a run for their money at your next party and defend your position as penny hockey M.V.P.

Squatty Potty: While this may get a few giggles, it’s actually one of the most practical gifts you can give. While we don’t need to get into the details, it’s safe to say that your bathroom experience will never be the same. It’ll undoubtedly be one of the most unique gifts.

The Best White Elephant Gifts for 2021

Don’t be the person who brings a gift card to a white elephant gift exchange. Hopefully, you can find the perfect item to bring to the party this year with all of these white elephant gift ideas. What are some of your favorite ideas? Create a group on FamilyApp where everyone can share their photos and white elephant gift ideas!

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