7 Tips to Get Your Kids to Love Nature

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There's more to appreciating the beauty of the outdoors than going to the park. Learn how to get your kids to love nature with these six tips for fun family activities!

From building a tree fort to hide-and-seek in the neighborhood, there was a time that getting outside was the best part of being a kid. But the times have changed with more and more kids stacking up screen time. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average 8-18 year old spends 53 hours with entertainment media!

That means children are less likely to have a connection with the beautiful nature and activities in the great outdoors. But all is not lost when it comes to love time in nature. Instead of giving in, here are some of the many ways to get your kids excited to explore the outside world.

How to Spend Family Time in Nature

The easiest way to instill a love for nature is to get your kids outside to crawl in the dirt! From there, they can learn about plants and animals and how the seasons change. Fortunately, facts about spending time outside prove that it can have a positive impact on health.

  • Get GardeningGardening can be fun on your own, but add your kids and you can teach them all about the dirt! While they’ll be able to find bugs and plant seeds, they’ll also learn about vegetation and what it needs to thrive.
  • Wander in the Park– Kids are spending a lot less time outdoors nowadays, so hit the ground and walk to a nearby green space. It’s good family time, and it will help them appreciate sights like flowers, plants and even a rainbow!
  • Visit a Farm– Being outside certainly offers a glimpse of nature, but going to a farm can provide a big picture view. While you might be able to pick fruit, seeing how we live off the land is key in appreciating the environment. It’s also great for family time in nature!

How Do You Teach Kids About the Environment?

Time in nature is one of the best ways for kids to explore the seasons and learn about their beauty. Fortunately, when it comes to more hands-on learning, there are many ways you can inspire a deeper interest into our earth or life in general.

  • Head to the Museum! – Whether it’s the local science center or the Natural History Museum, an educational trip out can inspire your kids. Such activities can teach them about animals, history and encourage continued curiosity! You may even want to share some things they’ve learned on FamilyApp.
  • Pick up a Book– When kids are at their youngest, picture books are an important part of their learning process. Whether it’s Tall Tall Tree or Curious Kids Nature Guide, there’s plenty to be discovered by picking up a nature book.
  • Tune in to Television– It’s rarely a struggle to get kids to watch television, but there are ways it can be educational. Instead of cartoons or game shows, choose shows that focus on the great outdoors, the earth or science for casual learning. It may even inspire them to spend more time in nature!
  • Crafts and DIY Projects – The outdoors offer so much material for crafts, especially in autumn, that it would be a shame not to make use of it. Combine indoor action with nature activities by collecting in the woods and getting creative at home.

What Are the Best Outdoor Sports?

Getting outside to garden or picking up a good book can be great ways to learn about nature. For those who love outdoor fun, there are other benefits of spending time in natureGeocaching is a family-friendly way to visit local nature spots while embarking on a treasure hunt. And, if you have the talent for it, skiing and snowboarding will help you appreciate the scenery as you sail by. For those who love to play in the water, paddleboarding can be great for sightseeing. Scuba diving, on the other hand, can provide a lot of learning about stunning sea creatures.

Time in nature reduces stress and can benefit your kids' development, but sometimes it's hard to convince them from the beauty of nature activities! How do you get your kids outside? Share your tips and ideas to encourage a love for nature with us in our comments. Whether it’s museums, the park or a heart-pounding sport, getting outside is an important part of connecting with the great outdoors!

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