Beach Time! Fun Ideas for Family Adventures in Virginia Beach

Enjoy Virginia-Beach

It’s time for the beach! Want to enjoy a summer holiday? We’ve got some ideas for your family adventures in Virginia Beach! Whether you’re hiking, biking, surfing, or lounging, we’ll show you some great things to explore while you’re here.

Vacation Family Adventures in Virginia Beach

Situated along the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the popular coastal center is an ideal summer destination. Full of must-see spots like the ViBe District and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, no trip here is complete without experiencing its beautiful beaches. Whether you want to relax with a good book or stay active playing sand soccer or volleyball, there are so many ways to find family adventures in Virginia Beach that everyone will love.

Family Favorites at the Beach by Tessa Duquette

Find Family Adventures in Virginia Beach Hiking Along Beach Trails

Many Virginia beaches offer up an entirely unique nature experience At First Landing State Park Beach, visitors can trek through the seven ecosystems within the park. These include one of the most endangered habitats in the world – the maritime forest. As you wander through more than 20 miles of trails, you can spot rare plants and unique wildlife.

Fun in the Sun

Many people head to the oceanfront to frolic in the waves, but there are also plenty of recreational activities at hand. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a perfect destination for those who love the great outdoors! This eclectic 3-mile boardwalk features everything from hotels and restaurants to arcades and boutiques. Rent bikes and cruise along the boardwalk bike path in style with your family! Visitors can also rent kayaks and jet-skis for water-bound adventures.

You can spend hours cruising the strip along the boardwalk with its ice cream shops, restaurants, shops, and Putt-Putt golf sites. Be sure to get a photo with the 24-foot statue of King Neptune on 31st street, and send it to your family on the FamilyApp!

Family Favorites

Many Virginia Beach sand stretches here are perfect for everyone! Go swimming, pack a beach-bound picnic, or just unwind with a good book here.

Looking for something a little less crowded? Local favorite Chic’s Beach is on the Chesapeake Bay, so the smaller waves here are perfect for younger swimmers. Come here to build an epic sandcastle or paddle around in the surf, for a subdued, beachy day.

I don’t know who this is, but I’m sure she had a wonderful time at the Hunt Room on her birthday.

Looking for some sunbathing without any crowds? Head to Croatan Beach! Its location along the Rudee Inlet makes it less accessible to the masses. This is another reason it’s become a surfers’ paradise.

Head further south to Sandbridge Beach, another place to set up your umbrella and settle in for a long beach read. With calm waters and few visitors, you can walk into the waves or enjoy a much-needed day of rest and relaxation. The idyllic Sandbridge Beach in the southeastern part of the city also offers fantastic hiking and relaxing options. While some beachgoers might want to lounge on their towels, others prefer to check out the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Don’t miss the loggerhead sea turtles, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles who call this 9,108-acre natural environment home.

Boating Excursions

For those who aren’t interested in swimming and surfing, boat tours can be a great opportunity for family adventures in Virginia Beach and a fun way to see more of the local area by water. Here are a few options:

  • The Rudee Rocket Speed Boat Tour offers visitors a chance to see the animals, such as bottlenose dolphins or humpback whales.
  • First Landing Charters offers private boat tours. There you can tour the area, spot local creatures, and create a beautiful beachside memory.
  • Patriotic Excursions is a little more intense than your regular laid-back boat tour. With their insider knowledge and vast experience of the military and public safety, they safely guide you on a thrilling excursion, educating you about how our military works locally to support our nation’s interests worldwide.

Make Your Own Family Adventures in Virginia Beach

The oceanside may be a great place to spend an afternoon sitting in the sun. However, there are plenty of fun family adventures for every kind of beachgoer. Whether you’re floating or boating, relaxing, or hyped up after too many snow cones, Virginia Beach has something for you!

Enjoy your time in this destination city!

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