What Is the Internet of Voice?

Nowadays, technology extends to all aspects of our lives. For those looking for a human touch, the Internet of Voice will provide big changes in how we use our connectivity!

There are few limitations when it comes to technology these days. From being able to FaceTime with friends to finding almost any answer online, it’s hard to know what’s next for tech. But, for those looking for more integration, the Internet of Voice will be making leaps and bounds in the coming years! And, there are many ways to make this functionality secure and convenient for you. Share your favorite voice integration technology with others on your favorite family app!

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What Is the Internet of Voice?

Internet of Voice refers to both surfing through the web using your voice instead of typing and commanding smart devices, to put it simply. Most of us are familiar with using the web as a resource to find or search for information online. The rising popularity of voice commands is set to change things though. Users can access voice integration through smart IoT devices (Internet of Things) that will provide a different kind of user experience. In 2018, approximately 20 percent of American adults already have had smart speakers and the trend is rising, a national survey says. With services like Alexa and Siri, voice technology is expected to become much more prominent in the years to come!

How Do I Use the Internet of Voice?

It might sound complicated, but using the Internet of Voice is as simple as taking advantage of recent technological developments.Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant have been making waves in this consumer market for years. If you’re looking for convenient, everyday ways to use this technology, there are few limitations!

  • In Your Vehicle – Many drivers can now utilize voice technology to help them manage their drive. In addition to taking care of calls and listening to messages, drivers can manage apps and music too! Share your favorite use of smart technology on FamilyApp!
  • In the Home – There are already plenty of people who are familiar with the ease of voice technology in the home. While the Internet of Voice is used for things like listening to music, its reach will be extending further. Soon, users will be able to control their lights, televisions and washing machines with just a voice command!

What’s the Difference Between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Voice?

The terms may sound similar, but they refer to very different aspects of our current tech-centered functionality. The Internet of Things refers to the relation of computing devices, machines and people that transfer data over the network. This exchange occurs without human-to-human interaction.

While the Internet of Voice requires this network capability, it differs from mere connectivity. In fact, it references the use of voice and voice commands to acquire information and share data. Share your own voice command uses on your favorite family app!

Smart Devices and Internet of Voice

There’s no doubt that technology changes much more quickly than our ability to comprehend its alterations. However, the new trend of devices with voice integration is set to make technology more interactive in the years to come. Whether you use Alexa or Siri, expect the conveniences around your home to get an upgrade. Do you use IoT or the Internet of Voice? Share your experience with others in our comments! Whatever your tech-savvy level, there’s no doubt there will be benefits you can enjoy soon.


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