Kick It Out With Karate Combat And Other Martial Arts!

Martial arts can be a fun way to get into physical activity. Fortunately, for those looking for a combat sport, arts like karate combat can be a popular full-contact option!

Physical activity is so important for our health, and for those who like a little more action in their workouts, combat sports are the way to go! From boxing to wrestling to karate combat, one-on-one combat can be an exciting way to fight a worthy opponent.

What Are Karate Combat And Combat Martial Arts?

There are a variety of combat sports that involve winning points to defeat your opponent. These include mixed martial arts, muay thai, taekwondo, Kyokushin, and wushu. But competitions and tournaments featuring combat have been popular throughout history! They have simply evolved in many different ways around the world. In fact, the Olympic Games have featured many combat sports since 1904 including boxing and wrestling. Since then, the creation of combat sports has come to include muay thai in the 1930s and karate combat. Inspired by many different forms and styles, people enjoy martial arts for physical activity and self-defense.

What Are the Common Martial Art Styles?

  • Chinese Martial Arts It is believed that Chinese martial arts came to be around 4000 years ago. Developed out of the need for self-defense, one-on-one combat was an important part of military training in ancient China. Yet, as time has gone on a diversity of styles have appeared that are classified by common traits. Chinese martial arts fall under the umbrella of wushu.

  • Western Martial Arts Many are aware of the gladiator combats that occurred in ancient Rome. However, much of what is known as Western Martial arts came to be defined after that. Evolving in Europe, western martial arts include pankration, fencing, boxing, wrestling, and karate combat. However, they also commonly include the use of weapons like swords as a means of self-defense.

  • Mixed Martial Arts – The popularity of UFC has made MMA one of the most popular forms of mixed martial arts. However, this full-contact combat sport has evolved in a series of ways including karate combat. The sport known as modern MMA was derived from many mixed-style competitions in Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Region. Mixed martial arts involve striking, grappling, and victory through submission or knockout.

Karate Combat and Other Types of Combat Martial Arts!

Whether you’re starting martial arts lessons or are curious about sports like karate combat, there are many different self-defense methods.

  • Ninjutsu – The word ninja may be familiar to most people, but the discipline of ninjutsu is lesser-known. Ninjutsu employs strategies of warfare using unconventional methods which ninjas utilize. Discipline may be the goal of martial arts, but ninjutsu practitioners focus on choosing the right time to strike.

  • Jujutsu – There are many forms of jujutsu, but this ancient art began thousands of years ago in Japan. As a means of fighting an opponent without a weapon, the word translates to ‘preserving your own life.’ The martial art of jujutsu involves many different techniques including joint locks, chokeholds, grappling, and strikes.

  • Kajukenbo – This hybrid martial art has the distinction of hailing from the island of Hawaii. However, it gets its name from different elements of karate, judo, Kempo, and boxing. Developed in the 1940s, five martial artists with different specialties created it. Unlike many martial arts, students enjoy creating their own style, instead of following their ‘master.’

karate combat

Wushu, Karate Combat, and Taekwondo

  • Wushu – Generally speaking, the term wushu may refer to Chinese martial arts. It has now developed into its own contact sport in China and integrates a variety of martial arts. Two disciplines comprise wushu: taolu and sanda. Utilizing acrobatic movements and techniques, the practice includes balances, sweeps, throws, and jumps.
  • Karate Combat – The martial art of karate may be one of the most famous martial arts known around the world. However, karate combat takes it to a new level as a full-contact sport. With karate combat rules developed by martial arts experts, this fighting style often exists in a pit. The karate combat inception is one of the more recent martial art forms to become popular.
  • Combat Taekwondo – While the martial arts inspiring this sport have existed for over 5000 years, taekwondo became prominent in Korea in the 1940s. With ‘tae’ meaning ‘foot’ or ‘leg’, ‘kwon’ meaning ‘fist’ or ‘fight’, and ‘do’ meaning ‘way’, taekwondo values mental and physical disciplineHead-height kicks, jumping, spinning kicks, and flying kick techniques are all part of the sport.

Karate Combat: Participating In Martial Arts

Martial arts can be a good way to learn the art of self-defense. If you’re looking at ways to amp it up, combat sports like karate combat are the way to go.  There are many places to practice martial arts nationwide, like the Impact Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach. Does your child want to participate in martial arts? Then take a look at our article about martial arts for kids.

Have you tried a contact sport like ninjutsu or karate combat? Let us know on FamilyApp! With so many different variations and things to learn, there’s a martial art to interest everyone.

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