Sky: Children of the Light – a Game for Teens and the Young at Heart

mobile game Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a fascinating mobile game you’ll love to play with your teenager. Join them as you explore the seven realms of this kingdom together!

There are plenty of interesting video games out there for families to share. We’ve discovered an instant classic for you that everyone can play together! The game Sky: Children of the Light offers unique graphics and a fascinating kingdom that’s fun to explore. Whether your teenagers want to do it on their own or play alongside you, the option is there. Be sure to share the activities you love doing with your teen on your favorite family app!

What Is Sky: Children of the Light?

Sky is an adventurous mobile game where you can explore a kingdom together with friends and family. For the adventurer who wants to take on a unique world of enchantment, this award-winning game is perfect! It allows the player to enter a vast and magical kingdom with a cape that helps them to fly. The player will come across spirits that provide them with gameplay enhancers.

In addition, they can also find lost stars that give them "winged light". Once they have enough of this, their cape level goes up and they can fly further! While your Sky: Children of the Light download can be played alone, it also supports multiple players. You can easily explore different realms as a single player or pair up with friends and strangers. Make sure to talk to your teen about internet safety and privacy before they start interacting with unfamiliar players.

What Are the Sky: Children of the Light Realms?

Sky: Children of the Light allows each player to acquire a variety of items that can help them on their journey. These items can include everything from capes and masks to hats, musical instruments, hairstyles, and even expressions. They are great tools to traverse the seven realms that make up the kingdom!

Those, however, include the Daylight Prairie, the Hidden Forest, the Valley of Triumph, the Eye of Eden, the Golden Wasteland, the Vault of Knowledge, and the Isle of Dawn. Users can begin playing the game from the home space, where new and old players gather before exploration. Share your gameplay secrets on your favorite family app with other player

How Can You Play Sky: Children of Light?

At the moment, you can play Sky: Children of the Light on your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet after downloading it at your app store. The game was first released for iOS on July 18, 2019, while the Android version came out on April 7, 2020. The Nintendo Switch release is not far behind and is slated for later this summer.

While it won iPhone’s Game of the Year, it’s been a favorite with voters and players since its release! If you haven’t heard of this game from Thatgamecompany, you’re in for a treat. In fact, this is the same company behind popular games like Journey, Flower, and Flow!

How to Handle Sky as a Parent

Sky: Children of the Light may be a relatively new app, but it’s made quite a splash on the scene. In fact, this game has received numerous awards and nominations for its vibrant graphics and fun exploration! Combined with the social interaction taking place while playing, it's no surprise teens love this game. But as usual, we advise parents to talk to your kids about being conscientious with your technology usage and to keep an eye on their screen time and social contacts.

Do you have any experience with Sky to share? Tell other parents about them in our comments!

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