Is a Built-In Television a Good Idea?

Having a television in the family vehicle can be a great idea for long road trips!

And who doesn’t love family vacations? But the long trips to a different destination can be pretty taxing for the little ones. So having a television console in your vehicle can be a great way to make the time pass more quickly! Without a doubt, cards and board games can take up some time. However, if you’re seriously considering installing a television console, here are some things to consider before moving forward.

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What are the benefits of watching TV?

For parents and children alike, long car trips can be one of the hardest parts of family travel. So a television entertainment system in the car can be ideal if you like road trips! Travel-size board games and cards can certainly keep kids entertained for a while. But, having a built-in TV can make the time go by a lot more quickly. Instead of coming up with hours of activity to keep the kids from fighting, they can watch whatever they want! Whether it’s Netflix movies or children’s television shows, a TV can provide hours of entertainment, which has the added benefit of keeping your driving distraction free.

Is it bad to watch TV?

If you’re in the car a lot, a TV can entertain your children quite easily. But, if you don’t do a lot of road travel, it may not be a good expenditure. If you’re simply using your vehicle for doing errands, this may mean your children will disengage from daily life. Instead of wanting to go into town or help grocery shop, they may just want to stay in the car. It’s also worth being aware that most children spend a lot of time behind screens these days. Whether it’s on cell phones or tablets, screens take up a lot of time. Getting into the vehicle can be a good time for seeing the local community and having a conversation. Instead of adhering to a television schedule, they’ll be participating in family life!

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How do I choose a television?

While a television console can be great on-the-road entertainment for your kids, many parents are using iPads for vehicles these days. But, if you’ve decided you’d like a television or two in your vehicle, there are different ways to do it. You may even want to share your knowledge with others on FamilyApp.

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  • Buy Equipped – It can be more expensive to buy a vehicle with the television console installed up front. However, this options means that the product will be under warranty. It also means that the installation will be seamlessly integrated with your vehicle.
  • Buy Aftermarket – If you already have a vehicle you love, you still have the option of installing a console. While this will likely be more expensive, there are television installation contractors who can do this for you. The product may not be under warranty, but it can be easier than investing in a new vehicle.

Having a television in your vehicle can be a great idea if your family loves road trips. But, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to make sure it will be a benefit for everyone. Do you use a children’s television or have ideas for long road trips? If so, share them with us in our comments! While there are plenty of ways to make a road trip go quickly, having a TV can help the time pass.

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