Six Pregnancy Emotions to Expect When You’re Expecting

When you’re pregnant, it’s not uncommon to experience sudden mood shifts as you go through a roller coaster of pregnancy emotions. Blame it on the hormones, right? That’s why it’s good to know what to expect and how to cope with 6 of the most common pregnancy emotions.

1. Surprise! – We’re Having a Baby!?

Pregnancy always comes as a surprise. Even if you’ve been waiting a long time for your own little miracle, a positive pregnancy test is still always unexpected. Once you know for sure, you can always surprise the daddy-to-be with the big news. Do you know how you’re going to tell him?

2. Anxiety – How Will My Family React?

After the initial surprise, some women experience the next emotion. “How do I tell my partner?” This question can also trigger a feeling of unease or even anxiety. This is usually the case when the expecting parents didn’t plan the pregnancy or are still very young. The fear of how family and friends will react may be overwhelming. If you are feeling anxious, you can first contact a family counseling service, and prioritize your mental health. There are several local and national organizations you can find online to help alleviate some of your stress.

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3. Annoying – Nausea and Other Ailments

There are supposedly mothers who spend their entire pregnancies in a happy bubble. But the reality often looks quite different. On some days, you may feel downright annoyed by your pregnancy. Whether it’s morning sickness or swollen feet, the hormonal roller coaster can be hard for many pregnant women to take. And those same hormones also lead to strong emotional fluctuations. So treat yourself to a break from time to time to get some rest and recharge your batteries.

4. Unhappy – Weight Gain, Stretch Marks, Sagging Skin

The mood swings will also cause you to feel unhappy every now and then. Many women are upset about the changes in their bodies. Weight gain can lead to stretch marks and sagging skin. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin anymore? That’s completely normal. But try to see things from a different perspective: Your body is creating a new life – and that will, of course, show. Don’t look at stretch marks as flaws, but as a mark of distinction for all the hard work you’ve done.

If feelings of sadness persist, however, or if you don’t know why you’re feeling so blue, please seek professional help. Depression during pregnancy is a serious matter. Also, be aware of symptoms of postpartum depression or the baby blues after your baby comes.

5. Happiness- The Best of Pregnancy Emotions

Every little kick is a miracle! For all the feelings of stress or fear you might experience while pregnant, you’ll also experience countless moments of happiness. After the initial euphoria, mothers-to-be are truly happy when they find out the sex of their baby around 20 weeks and can feel the little one kicking inside them. Every time your child moves, and every time you get a compliment on your pregnancy, you will feel a sense of joy. This intensifies even further as the nine months draw to a close and anticipation of the new life increases tremendously.

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6. Curiosity – How Will Motherhood Be?

During this period, curiosity and excitement become important feelings. They help you to prepare for your life as a mother. Take a prenatal course. Read a few guides about breastfeeding and the first few months with the baby. The better informed you are, the easier it will be to care for your baby.

You might also want to chat with your own mother on the FamilyApp to get advice and stay in touch.

Balancing Pregnancy Emotions

It’s easy to feel like you’re unbalanced both physically and emotionally during pregnancy. Sometimes you might even experience extreme joy and fear simultaneously! But in the end, you will look back on this time as some of the most exciting months of your life. You’ll really get to know your body and appreciate more than ever all that it is capable of.

For more family wellness tips and advice, check out the Mental Health category on FamilyApp.

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