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Scrapbooking has become a popular craft hobby for a reason. If you want to have fun preserving precious family photos, a scrapbook of memories can be the perfect way! Find out here how to get you started on this craft with glue and paper!

There are plenty of ways to capture a memory from a family newsletter to a picture on the fridge. But making a scrapbook can be a great way to get the entire family involved! Pictures often sit in a corner gathering dust so this photobook is a great way to get them attention. Whether you want to celebrate a community event or day-to-day life, we have some scrapbooking ideas to get you started – or your children.

How Do You Make a Great Scrapbook?

Every family cherishes their memories in a different way, and this is part of the reason that scrapbooking has become so popular! It can actually be among the best ways to celebrate your life and share it with others! And there are plenty of ways to make yours memorable. You’ll simply need to decide whether you want to use a cardstock or paper scrapbook or try an online resource. Once you know that, it’s time to get creative and share your ideas on a family app!

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What Kind of Pages Should I Have in My Scrapbook?

The heart and soul of your scrapbook will be your photos. That means a good place to begin is with your favorite pictures! Whether you look for a layout online or come up with your own, there are no limits. You may even want to do a photo series, choosing one image as your centerpiece.

Once chosen, you can use scissors to cut up colored or textured paper and determine a layout! While each series will need a title, you can add text to create a story. Then get out the glue, adhesive tape, or stickers once your scrapbook page is perfect! If you want, you can even add an embellishment to make it pop. Share your creativity with other families on FamilyApp!

How to Decorate a Scrapbook

The options for decorating your scrapbook pages are nearly endless. You can find a wide variety of special scrapbooking paper in a craft store or online. Some people also like to add cut-outs from catalogs or magazines, postcards or tickets – whatever helps to commemorate the event, party, or your last family adventure.

To decorate your scrapbook pages many options have become popular in the last time. You can buy adhesive Washi tape or create embellishments made with embossing powder. Customized stamps or stickers add a special twist to your scrapbook. If you need more ideas, why not talk to your talented friends or siblings on FamilyApp? There you can also share pictures of your favorite scrapbook pages.

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Where Can I Find Scrapbooking Ideas Online?

There are plenty of digital resources when it comes to this fun activity! Whether you’re looking for a unique scrapbook design or want to make yours online, look no further.

  • CottageArts – For those who are more interested in making their book digital, CottageArts is the ideal site. Fortunately, for those new to the craft, there are plenty of tutorials so you can DIY your own scrapbook albums!
  • Free Digital Scrapbooking – This site is exactly what it sounds like and is one of the best resources for ideas on the web. While it provides monthly templates for inspiration, you can also download theirs and craft your own. Share this site with other enthusiastic artists on your favorite family app!
  • Scrap Girls – This website has been around since 2004, but it still manages to be ahead of it’s time. While it’s a great digital scrapbooking forum, it also offers classes and a happening online community!
  • Smilebox – If you’re looking for the kind of site that will do the legwork for you, Smilebox is it. This site has tons of themes to choose from where you can blog your creations for free. You can even try their scrapbook app for instant memory upgrades!

There are more ways to preserve your family memories than the traditional photo album. That’s why scrapbooking is a popular way to celebrate a memory and share it with others! There are plenty of ways to make this art your own. Plus, scrapbooking is great for both kids and adults and makes a great family activity to do on a rainy day. Do you have any scrapbooking tips? Share them with us in our comments! Whether you make your own or use a template online, the only limit is your creativity.

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