Master Bedroom Closet Organization: Tips to Declutter

organized master bedroom closet

Looking for productive activities while you’re home during COVID-19? Alena Capra of Alena Capra Designs has some fabulous ways to help you master your next master bedroom closet organization project. Read on for some helpful tips!

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Home and Closet Organization: Where to Start?

Organizing just about anything in our homes is always one of the last tasks that we want to do….but, once it’s done, you will likely wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Over the last few weeks, we have all had a lot more time at home, and in turn, this has given us time to tackle those organizing tasks in the junk drawer,  linen closet, kitchen pantry, or the bathroom cabinets.

I recently did a lot of organizing and decluttering, and I wanted to share some of my favorite items, tips, and encouragement to get you going! Once you start, you will want to organize more, I promise! Today, I wanted to focus on one area to get you started…

How Do You Organize the Master Bedroom Closet?

1. Start with Hangers

This one might take the most time— but, it can be done in stages. Sometimes that’s a good plan of attack, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Before you start, take a look at your current hangers…do you feel that you can use more hanging space? If so, I suggest you use the velvet, non-slip hangers (if you are not already using them). These really help add so much more hanging space in a closet, and they prevent items from slipping off (no more shirts you can’t find because it’s slipped off a hanger onto the floor!) Right now there are a lot of great deals on these types of hangers, and an added bonus, there are so many great color options if you want to give your closet a little style! These hangers from Target and Costco are two of my favorites!

2. Get Some Bins for Closet Organization

Once you’ve got the hangers you want to use, I suggest you also think about some bins. I typically like to use small bins for things like clutch purses, flip flops, belts, and hair accessories. If you have space for larger bins, I like these for bulkier items such as sweaters, jeans. These plastic storage bins and foldable storage boxes are fantastic!

3. Start Decluttering!

I find it’s best to take everything out of the closet in sections— perhaps start with clothes like blouses, then dresses, then pants, etc.  Lay them all out on the bed or an area of clear floor space. put all the items you are keeping aside on new hangers, and the stuff that you have not worn in over a year— consider donating. Sometimes there are things we haven’t worn in a while, but are still sentimental or special— for those, put them in their own pile, and consider storing them in an under-bed storage. I love under-the-bed storage bags for things like that! These Ikea under-bed storage containers and Bed Bath and Beyond under-bed storage bags are great options.

Pro Tip: Photograph, or make a list of the contents – it’s very easy to forget what’s in there! This will make things a lot easier when you are searching for things!

4. Jewelry Organization

Looking for a great place to store, and organize your jewelry? There are some really great options for these that either mount to the wall, or even hang over a door. I have used the wall-mounted jewelry cabinet in my own closet, and it’s a piece that was well worth the investment. Some options for closet jewelry storage start as low as $15.00. Here are a few options at a variety of price points, including this wooden wall-mount jewelry organizer, a full-length mirror LED-lit jewelry cabinet, and a hanging jewelry organizer.

5. Organize Your Caps

What about baseball caps? We all have a few of these somewhere in our closet! Some of my favorite ways to store these are to either stack them on a shelf or hang them from clips that keep them all in line. I’ve selected a couple that will help you keep those from cluttering your closet including this cap organizer hanger, Boxy Concepts hat rack, and hat rail organizer.

6. Rods and Hooks for Your Master Bedroom Closet

Sometimes, smaller, simple items can make a big impact! In closets, I love the addition of a valet rod, or even a few simple hooks mounted to the wall. The hooks are great for bags and even belts. It’s a good way to add a little style as well— you can choose pretty hooks, with crystal detail, or even in a beautiful gold finish. Valet rods are also always a nice touch. Here are a few great options including this 12-inch metal closet rod, a single robe hook, a 5-hook wall mount, and this folding clothes hanger rack.

7. Shoe Storage

When it comes to shoe storage, it’s definitely not one size fits all! There are so many different ways to organize them… and a lot of this depends on your closet space and setup. If you have shoe shelves in your closet, I find that storing the shoes with one facing the toe out, and the other facing the heel out. This frees up a tiny bit more space on the shelf sometimes. (It also looks nice too!) If you don’t have the shelves, but want the look, small bookcases can do the trick!

There are so many size options, so pick one that fits your space. Keep in mind, 12” deep is what most bookcases are, and this should work for most shoe shelves too. (I have done this before!) As I mentioned earlier in the post, things like flip flops and flat sandals really store well in baskets or bins. Not always necessary to take valuable shoe shelf or shoe rack space up with those. Here are four great options from Amazon! A three-shelf white bookcase, 5-tier open shelf bookcase, a 10-tier unit that holds 50 pairs of shoes, and a five-tier unit that expands.

Master Bedroom Closet Success!

Well, I hope this has given you all some inspo to get the closet organizing underway! Remember, you don’t have to take it all on at once… you can start in sections.Either way, it will feel great once you have decluttered, and organized your closet! Happy organizing!

— Alena

Alena Capra, CMKBDInterior Designer, and host of So Flo Home Project

Alena Capra, is the host of the weekly design show, SoFlo Home Project, on Local 10, as well as an award-winning interior designer, with over 18 years of experience.  Her Fort Lauderdale-based firm, Alena Capra Designs, has completed projects throughout South Florida, as well as in New York, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. She is a residential interior designer, as well as a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), whose projects have been featured in numerous media outlets.

A graduate of both the University of Miami, and the Metropolitan Institute of Design, Capra was recently named to Kitchen & Bath Design News  “50 Innovators List,” for 2019, and was one of six “Praiseworthy Pics” for Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine’s 2019 “Person of the Year“ feature.

Alena has served as the Industry Ambassador for Coverings, the largest global tile stone exhibition in North America, for the past six years. Capra has also made a name for herself as an on-air personality, sharing her design expertise on local, and national television.  Prior to hosting SoFlo Home Project, she guest-hosted several segments on Lifetime’s  Designing Spaces,  served as lead designer on Operation Build (History Channel/FYI), and was a competitor on FYI’s renovation competition series, Rowhouse Showdown. Alena also enjoys lending her design talents to local charities and has worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, and Kid Sanctuary Campus.

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