Lucky Dogs: St. Patrick’s Day Dogs You Need to See

These St. Patrick’s day dogs are living in a green dream. We searched the internet for dogs who embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and we were not disappointed. Check out some of our favorite dogs who definitely have the luck of the Irish on their side.

Maybelle, the Staffy and Great Dane Mix

I find that a feather boa truly completes any festive costume or outfit, for that matter! Especially for St. Patrick’s Day dogs! Maybelle is really seeing the world through green-colored glasses, which we can only assume is similar to their rose-colored counterpart.

Lexie, the Rat Terrier

We can’t help but think Lexie may have been inspired by various ’90’s rap music videos with this look. It’s something about the glasses, the necklaces, and the playful head tilt. Although I’m not sure if any ’90’s rappers had buckles on their hats. I’m sure they’d appreciate diving into a big pot of gold, though.

Auggie, the Golden Retriever

10/10 would give Auggie kisses, even if she’s technically not Irish. We’re in love with her headband and festive ribbons. It’s really Auggie’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

Uma the French Bulldog

Uma was always stylin’. Do you think this was her natural hair color? We think so. We also heard she was moonlighting as the Wendy’s mascot.

Kaxam the Therapy Dog

This adorable rescue dog is certainly a handsome boy. He’s best known as the mascot for Austin’s local news channels, KZAN. He looks just like he’s ready to win trivia night at the local Irish tavern, right? Or maybe teach a lecture on the history of St. Patrick’s Day. I’d trust him to do equally well in either of those situations.

Twiggy the Great Dane

A bowtie and a boa? Say no more. Twiggy is truly living up to her name as a fashion modeling icon. The look, the body language, the shamrock glasses… everything says, “Vogue.” Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds, so they always know how to command attention. Twiggy is no exception.

Eywa the Chihuahua

The neon gives us ’90s vibes, and the tutu/bow combination really pulls the whole look together. And is that a smile we see? This pup knows how to make the camera work for her. She’s more than prepared for any St. Patrick’s Day festivities the day has in store.

Blaze the Boston Terrier

If you could capture happiness in a picture, this St. Paddy’s Day pooch may just take the cake. His eyes are even smiling. As a Boston terrier, we’re sure Blaze takes St. Patrick’s Day extra seriously.

Annie the Burnt Loaf (Corgie)

Although her full name is “Annie Oakley,” this adorable Corgi ditched the Western garb for an all-out Irish look. She may not be sharp-shooting, but she’s still aiming for all of our hearts. Bullseye.

Humphrey the Golden Retriever

Double rainbow AND a leprechaun sighting? What a day. While we suspect that this particular leprechaun may have been photoshopped into this beautiful scene, we won’t hold it against him. How could we? Look at that face! He definitely deserves a pot of gold, and maybe even a couple of treats.

Kuma, the Mini-English/Olde English Bulldog

She is beauty, she is grace, she is Miss Saint Patrick’s Day. Between the regal hat and oh-so-frilly tutu, this adorable girl is ready to take on the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities in style.

Sham-rock On, You St. Patrick’s Day Dogs!

What makes a St. Patrick’s Day Dog? It’s all about spirit, of course! And these dogs have plenty of it. Share these adorable canines on social media to give fellow dog lovers a smile this St. Patrick’s Day.

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