All About Koa, the Cute Clever Welsh Corgi

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Koa, the corgi, lives with his fur-parents in California, where he enjoys playing fetch and hosting epic parties for his friends. Read on to learn more about what makes Koa unique and all about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed.

Meet Koa the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

With distinctive short legs, a long body, and large ears with typically an orange-tan or black and white coloring, you can spot a corgi almost anywhere you go! Koa the corgi fits the bill with all of these adorable features, along with a model dog demeanor, a clever personality, and an adorable smile.

How did your owner know you were “the one”? My parents were sent a photo of me as a puppy, and they instantly fell in love! Who could blame them?

How long have you been together? 2 years. My gotcha day was July 20th, 2019.

A Few of His Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Things

What’s your favorite toy? Anything I can fetch, mostly my tennis ball or my flying squirrel disc from Chuckit!

What’s your favorite food? The beef formula dog food from ‘Just Food For Dogs‘–it’s nutritious and delicious; I lick my bowl clean every day.

What’s your greatest fear? Empty cardboard boxes. They make scary noises!

Favorite famous animal? I love all the corgis on Instagram. They are all famous in my book!

What’s your favorite game? ‘Imgonnagetyopaws’… it’s when my mom tries to grab my paws, and I won’t let her! I don’t like my paws being touched, but it’s a fun game of keep-a-away as she tries to grab them, and I hop around licking and gently nipping at her hands. I turn into a bucking bronco. If she calls out ‘”Imgonnagetyopaws,” I run over, and the play starts.

Favorite animal movie/tv show? I actually just like bird videos on YouTube. I like bird watching and listening to their chirps… Tweet tweet!

What are some of your favorite things to do that make your owner upset? It’s a toss-up between trying to dig up the carpet and barking suddenly and loudly at various times throughout the day, making them jump!

What’s your favorite way to exercise? Getting the zoomies very late at night after going outside to potty. I get a little burst of energy right before bed. I also like chasing birds, but I’m not allowed to do that.

Corgi Lifestyle

Strangest habit? I like stopping dead in my tracks on my walks and jumping up to give my parents a hug. I do it on every walk, it confuses them, but they do love my hugs! Or maybe I’m just stalling on my walks; I get bored on walks easily unless it’s a new place with new smells.

Do you let your owner dress you up? If so, what’s your favorite outfit? I don’t care to get dressed up, but I get lots of treats and a lot of attention when I do because I look so cute. I have an orange knitted turtleneck sweater that was my parents’ favorite, but it’s too small for me now because of my thick chest floof. Yay!

What’s your favorite treat? Give me cheese, and I’ll be your new best friend.

What’s your favorite place to visit? The grassy park for long fetch sessions and dog/people watching in the shade. I also love the beach, playing in the water, and making ‘snickerdoodles’ in the sand by rolling around in it!

What’s your favorite napping spot? Sleeping upside down on a cold tile floor with my belly in the air. I get hot easily because I have a double fur coat.

How old are you? I am two years old! This past May, I had a corgi pirate-themed birthday party at the dog park with my corgi friends called Pirates of the Corgibbean!

All About the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed

Why do you think someone should get a Corgi? Because we are hekin’ fun! You can never be in a bad mood when a corgi smiles at you, and we love to smile. We like making people happy. Also, we shed a lot, and that really dresses up a home, let me tell you.

What is the temperament and energy level of a Corgi? Corgis like to keep busy! Most of us are full of energy and good with both people and dogs. Very social, love attention, good watchdogs (aka we like to bark!), and we love having a job, whether learning new tricks, figuring out puzzles, or playing fetch for hours. Once we get tired, we finally mellow out and get our spot on and chill.

How big are Corgis typically? Corgis are medium-sized dogs but can come in various sizes and weights. We are short, sturdy, and hearty. We tend to gain weight easily, so we have to exercise every day, especially if we indulge in any doggie treats. I am on the larger side for a corgi; I have a very long back.

Do you think Corgis are a good family breed? They can be if the owners are experienced with dogs and have the time and patience for us because sometimes we can be a handful! We are very playful and loyal, but we can also boss everyone around. We tend to nip at our family’s heels and herd our humans, so we probably best for families with older children. 

Corgi Training

How have you trained Koa? Are Corgis good with training?

Corgis are very smart. Koa took both a 6-week puppy training course and a basic obedience 6-week course. We are going to be doing intermediate obedience classes next. For fun tricks, we taught Koa ‘Muzzle’ (putting his nose into our cupped hand) in about 10 minutes during our lunch break!

He loves learning new tricks, and he knows all the basics such as shake, sit, lay down, spin, gimme 5, leave it, stay, wait, and our personal favorite, Dog Catcher, where we hand him a treat and say its from the Dog Catcher, and he won’t eat it until we tell him it’s not from the dog catcher! He learned that trick in about 20 minutes. We also taught him ‘hug,’ which is lightly jumping up on our chest from his car seat so we can pick him up and carry him down from our car. Corgis should not jump from high spots, even couches or beds if you can avoid it, to reduce the chance of injury.

Personality and Social Media

Do corgis get along well with other pets? Does Koa? Like most dogs, if properly socialized, they can get along very well with other pets. Koa gets along with most dogs and all people, and he loves playing with children with their high energy levels. However, he is very strong-willed and doesn’t like sharing his fetching toys or treats with other dogs.

Why do you think Welsh Corgis are amazing? All dogs are amazing, but a corgi was our dream dog for many reasons. They always look happy, they have the cutest furry momo (corgi butt), and they just make you smile. When you see a corgi approaching, you know it’s going to be a party; they bring the fun wherever they go. Also, the corgi community is awesome; we have met so many friends through corgi meetups!

What is Koa’s Instagram for anyone who wants to follow? @koacorgi is my Instagram. On there, I post lots of photos with fun captions of my adventures, funny reels and videos, and extra fun stuff in my Insta Stories. I try to always follow back all my doggy pals; let’s be fur-friends!

Koa the Cute Clever Corgi

Koa the corgi inspires us to live life to the fullest with friends, furry friends, and family! We loved getting an inside look into this adorable corgi’s lifestyle, as well as having his parent’s perspective on owning a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Read more pet features and articles at FamilyApp Pet on the Street.

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