Magical Moments: Plan the Best Kids Tea Party

Kids tea party ideas

The enchanting world of childhood is filled with magical moments, many of which can be captured in a whimsical kids tea party.

From choosing the right theme to designing and sending out the perfect invites, we’ll explore the art of creating a kid-friendly menu, selecting the right color palette, and setting up a picture-perfect table. Read on for more fun and inspiring ideas!

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Choosing a Theme for the Tea Party

Picking a theme helps to set the stage for a really fun event. Your theme can be as relaxed or structured as you’d like, and often opting for a less traditional theme can be especially fun. Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

1. Fairy Tale Theme

two girls kids tea party
Have a delightful party!

What’s more magical than a fairy tale theme? On the day of the party, transform your space with tea party decorations for kids, like fairy lights and miniature castles. Encourage young friends to dress up in outfits from their favorite fairy tales and even bring a book with their favorite story. You might even read some of the tales during tea and have people guess which character they’re dressed up as.

With any theme, you want to make sure the tea party menu for kids stays pretty basic. Tea party snacks and food for kids need to be easy to handle and eat, no matter your theme! But you can get creative with your themed food, like Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread cookies and sprinkle fairy bread.

Don’t forget to include tea party songs for kids in the background to create a magical ambiance. You can send your guests home with party favors like mini fairy lights or a classic fairy tale book.

2. Princess Theme

Dress in costume at a princess tea party.

Immerse the little guests in the world of royalty with a Princess Tea Party. Begin with crafting royal tea party invitations, and encourage children to dress up in their favorite princess outfits.

Make the event more magical with tea party entertainment for kids, like princess-themed songs and games. Tea party activities for kids might include princess-themed crafts, such as designing their own tiaras or decorating cupcakes.

As for the tea party food for kids, an assortment of sandwiches, cookies, and scones would be perfect, paired with a selection of juices and teas. A royal party also presents an ideal time to talk about tea party etiquette for children. Decorate the party area with princess-themed decorations, and hand out tea party favors as a token of appreciation.

End the day on a high note with a mini-fashion show to showcase their beautiful tea party outfits. This princess theme is sure to make the children’s tea party a memorable event.

3. Superhero Theme

kids superhero party
Even superheroes need sustenance!

Embrace the power of imagination and transform your traditional children’s tea party into a superhero-themed extravaganza. Start by sending out tea party invitations designed with iconic superhero emblems to set the tone. Encourage guests to don their best superhero outfits and even provide tea party hats for kids, decorated to resemble superhero masks.

For tea party entertainment for kids, organize superhero-themed tea party games for children, like “Pin the Shield on the Superhero,” or create a craft station for kids to make their own superhero capes. The tea party menu for kids can include fun superhero-themed tea party snacks for kids, such as “Super Sandwiches” or “Power Puffs.” Don’t forget superhero-themed tea party decorations and tea party songs for kids to keep the energy high. To end the party, give out superhero-themed tea party favors for kids as a souvenir of their superhero tea party adventure.

4. Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter Theme

Peter Rabbit tea party
Enjoy a Peter Rabbit-themed tea party menu.

These delightful books lend themselves to an ideal tea party! Have your guests dress up in their finest clothes or a proper English tea with snacks from the wonderful world of Beatrix Potter. Have English tea sandwiches and a robust assortment of vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s garden.

You can read a favorite excerpt from one of the stories or even show your guests one of the delightful movies based on the books. (While the newer Peter Rabbit ones are fun, they’re not quite as tea party appropriate as these shows from the 1990s. They’re available on DVD, but I don’t know if you can stream them.)

5. Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party

Fall down the rabbit hole into this enchanting tea party!

This perfectly imperfect theme can be so much fun! If your baking would be more appreciated on “Nailed It!” than any other cooking show, this is the party for you to host! Everything’s a little wonky in Wonderland, so use your upside-down haphazard cooking to your advantage.

It could also be ideal for an “unbirthday” celebration for kids who might have birthday parties at different times of the year. Make it fun with “Eat Me” cookies or “Drink Me” signs on your lemonade or tea. You can use a soundtrack from various Alice in Wonderland movies as background music to enjoy this golden afternoon at your party.

6. Anne of Green Gables Tea Party

anne of green gables tea party
Pour a glass of raspberry cordial at an Anne of Green Gables party!

Older girls and possibly adults might enjoy a glass of raspberry cordial as they enjoy an Avonlea-themed tea party. Encourage your guests to dress up in their puffiest puff sleeves and enjoy as they dine on scones, crumpets, and classical tea delights. Just make sure to seal off the plum pudding so you can serve it confidently!

What Do Kids Eat for Afternoon Tea?

Creating the perfect menu for a children’s tea party can require careful planning and consideration. Since most kids wouldn’t get too excited about drinking some Earl Grey, be sure you have some tea alternatives on-hand, like milk, water, hot chocolate, lemonade, or maybe a fun mocktail.

The dining portion of your party could be an ideal time to introduce tea party etiquette for kids as they learn to handle the food politely. Of course, we highly recommend finger food over anything requiring utensils for a kids tea party, making etiquette a bit easier.

Here are a few fun food ideas to accompany your “tea” of choice. You might also want to have some allergy-friendly foods in case you have a guest or two who need them.

1. Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are a quintessential kids’ tea party food. They’re easy to make and can be filled with various ingredients that children love, like cucumber and cream cheese, ham and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly. Use cookie cutters to shape the sandwiches into hearts, stars, or crown shapes. These are easy to prepare, easy to eat, and always a big hit with kids!

2. Mini Quiches

Mini quiches are an excellent choice for a children’s tea party menu, as they are bite-sized, easy to eat, and can be filled with various ingredients to suit the taste of every little guest. You can create a range of flavors like cheese, ham, and spinach, which are simple yet delicious. You can make your own with premade pastry shells or just opt for premade frozen selections from Trader Joe’s, Costco, or your favorite grocery store.

3. Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers are excellent for a tea party!

Fruit skewers are a delicious and nutritious addition to your children’s tea party menu. Use a variety of fruits like strawberries, grapes, and pineapple to create a vibrant display that will excite the little guests. You can also get creative and use cookie cutters to shape the fruits into fun shapes, aligning with the tea party decorations.

4. Cupcakes and Cookies

What’s a good tea party without a sweet treat? If you’re really feeling inspired, make cookies or cupcakes that complement your theme, like sugar cookies with “Eat Me” for an Alice in Wonderland party or glittery rainbow cupcakes for a princess party. If baking isn’t your thing, you can always just buy some sprinkle cookies, iced animal crackers, or Oreos at the grocery store.

Setting the Table

Once you’re comfortable with your theme, you can set a fun and festive table. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Tablecloth and Napkins

This little step can bring your kids tea party to the next level! For a princess tea party theme, consider using a pastel or floral tablecloth along with matching napkins to create an elegant setting. A superhero party might call for bold primary colors and shapes. There’s no real right or wrong way to implement this step– you could use fancy cloth napkins and silver or paper plates and napkins. But it’s a little way to bring the party to life!

2. Tea Cups and Saucers

You might use delicate pink cups for a princess party, whereas a Mad Hatter party would have mismatched cups and saucers. You can either have guests use some of your cups, or give them blank mugs or cups and have them create their own. Several stores sell very inexpensive and lovely options.

tea party cups
Be creative when using different types of teacups.

3. Adding Centerpieces and Decorations

To bring the charm of a princess tea party to life, consider adding centerpieces and decorations that reflect the theme.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Petite crowns can be ideal for a princess party; these can double as party favors or wearable accessories.
  • Fairy lights create a magical ambiance without costing too much. You might be able to find them at Dollar Tree.
  • Crafts like paint-your-own teacups can also serve as your centerpiece before you use them for your own creations.
  • Flowers make everything prettier. Bonus points if you have flowers and foliage from your garden you can use.

Creating the Right Ambiance

Creating an ideal atmosphere is a crucial part of any children’s tea party. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this happen– you probably have several of the right components around your house that you can repurpose.

Here are a few easy ideas to set the tone:

Hanging Fairy Lights

These twinkling lights can instantly transport the little guests into a fairy tale world, enhancing tea party entertainment for kids. Arrange them around the party venue, perhaps intertwining them with other tea party decorations for a whimsical effect. You could even put them on your tea table or platters of food. They’ll definitely add the right amount of sparkle to your activities!

Using Cushions and Pillows

girls tea party
Enjoy an outdoor tea party!

These can be scattered on the floor for an informal princess tea party, or arranged on chairs for a more traditional setup. If you have them, opt for pillows in the chosen tea party theme to enhance the decor, such as cushions in the shape of teacups or with princess designs for a princess tea party.

This not only adds to the tea party decorations for kids but also ensures the little guests are comfortable during the tea party activities for kids. Plush cushions and pillows can also serve as impromptu seats for tea party games for kids and provide a cozy atmosphere for storytelling or puppet shows. They can even double as party favors for kids when the fun is over.

Playing Soft Background Music

Whether it’s a princess tea party or a fairytale-themed gathering, the right tunes can set the mood and get the kids excited. Consider creating a playlist of popular tea party songs for kids, perhaps even aligning with the chosen theme. For example, you could include songs from beloved princess movies for a princess tea party. Music not only serves as delightful tea party entertainment for kids but also complements other activities such as tea party games for children, dress-up, and crafts.

What Are Some Kids Tea Party Ideas, Crafts, and Activities?

Every tea party will differ depending on the theme and age of the kids, but here are a few ideas to get the party started!

Dress-Up Station

To add a dash of extra fun and excitement to your children’s tea party, consider providing a dress-up station. Stock the station with a variety of tea party outfits for kids, including princess gowns, capes, and tea party hats. Don’t forget accessories like gloves, jewelry, and magic wands! Tea party dress-up is sure to be a big hit with all the guests!

Fashion Show

After the dress-up station, you can have guests strike a pose and strut their stuff down the runway. Take photos and videos to memorialize the moment!

Dance Party

dance father daughter kids tea party
Make sure to dance at the party!

If you’re not up for a full fashion show, a dance party or game like freeze dance is really fun, with everyone dressed up in their tea party finest. Play their favorite music and have fun!

Painting Tea Cups

Painting tea cups is a delightful and creative activity for a children’s tea party. This craft not only serves as entertainment for kids but also gives them a unique favor to take home. Start by providing each child with a plain white tea cup and saucers. Next, set out non-toxic paints and brushes or paint pens, and let the children’s imaginations run wild.

They can create designs inspired by the tea party theme or anything they’re interested in. Once painted, the tea cups can be used during the party to serve kid-friendly snacks and tea party food. When they get home, guests can bake them at 350 degrees for an hour, then leave them in the oven until the cups are cool. That way, you can enjoy this fun keepsake for years to come!

Paper Crowns

kids tea party paper crowns
Make your own crowns at the party.

Easy to make and decorate, these crowns can be personalized and can match the tea party outfits for kids. Along with other tea party crafts for kids, making paper crowns keeps the children engaged and brings out their creativity.

Designing Fairy Wings

Incorporating the activity of designing fairy wings into a children’s tea party makes for an enchanting experience. All you need are some craft papers, glitter, colored pens, ribbons, and a little bit of creativity. Have the children trace out the shape of wings on the paper and let them decorate it with colors and glitter. Attach these wings to their backs using ribbons.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are a fun bonus to your tea party but definitely not necessary. If you have a craft or other accessories, you’re giving out during the party, that should be plenty. But if you want to go the extra mile, a well-curated goodie bag can add an extra layer of excitement and can serve as a memento of a memorable day.

Mini sticker books, teacups, temporary tattoos, or tiaras can all be fun mementos. Resist the temptation to send your guests home with too much junk! One nice teacup or mug will get a lot more use than lots of cheap tchotchkes.

Planning the Perfect Party

While it can be fun to create a delightful ambiance for your tea party, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. As long as your guests are enjoying themselves and having fun, you’re doing it right!

What are your favorite kids tea party ideas? Let us know on social #getfamilyapp!

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