How to Start a Book Club – Tips and How FamilyApp Can Help

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A book can serve as a pathway into an entirely different world! So deciding to start a book club can spark a shared love for fiction. Check our tips on organizing and how FamilyApp can help you with it!

Everybody has their hobbies and for the book lover there’s no replacement for a good story! Whatever the genre or the length, sitting down to read a chapter when you have the time can be a source of inspiration. But it’s the kind of joy that you can share with others too! If you’re looking to start a book club, we have some guides for how to host an enthusiastic group.

Why Start a Book Club?

For those who really love reading, there are few better things than sitting down to read. While many readers are happy to enjoy new books on their own, it can be fun to share your passion! Discussing a book with others will enlighten you and sometimes you might see a story in a totally different light. Plus, a club can be a great way to mull over your favorites and find new authors. Whether you start a book club at work or in your own neighborhood, it’s a great way to share the hobby and make new friends in such a meeting!

What Are the Steps for Starting a Book Club?

The idea to start a book club might make you a little bit anxious. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to really make it work. Share your tips with other book lovers on your favorite family app!

  • Choose a Genre – If you’re starting your own book club, there’s a good chance that the books you read aren’t as common. Whether it’s a mystery, memoir, or historical fiction, picking a genre will allow you to focus. It will also help you lure in those who have a strong interest in your kind of books!
  • Pick the Place – Whether it’s for a bit of conversation or a full-on discussion, the setting is key for a great book club meeting. Do you want to meet up in someone’s home or in a restaurant or coffee shop? If you’re wondering how to start a book club in your neighborhood, a place nearby is the best option.
  • Decide Who to Invite – Part of creating a really good book club is involving the right mix of people. Whether it’s someone interesting online or your best friend, people who can bring the conversation are best! Consider keeping the count to fewer than 15 so you can stick to your meeting schedule.

What Are Some Tips to Start a Book Club?

Whether you’re reading fiction or the latest and greatest memoir, there are plenty of places to start a book club. You may want to consider the following tips before diving in!

  • Get Everyone Involved – There’s a good chance you have quite a few book club ideas of your own. However, if you want your club to succeed, you’ll have to engage with everyone. Instead of picking all the books, let others come up with suggestions so you can all decide the reading material!
  • Choose Discussion Points – A good book club meeting will flow of its own accord, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Some members will be more vocal than others, so ensure you have questions to get everyone engaged.
  • Use FamilyApp – In this day and age, it can be hard to get a group together to pore over a book. FamilyApp can help you to arrange your meet-ups when you start a book club. You can easily use the calendar or message service, whether your meetings are every week or once a month!
  • Trust the Book Club Experts – It can be challenging to come up with ideas or book suggestions that will work for everyone on your own. So browsing the web for inspiration is a good idea. There are many lists online that will tell you the best novels out there for your interests. Some might even come along with some questions and discussion starters as well.

Few things can inspire a lively conversation and a great night out like a book club! If you want to make your own literary circle, getting everyone involved is key. Do you have any tips on how to start a book club? Share them with other readers in our comments! It may require a bit of work, but there are easy ways to make your reading vision a reality.

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