08 October 2020 (updated)

Why Doing Chores Is Important for Kids

Chores are an important part of learning to be responsible for kids. So here are some tips, including a rewards system that can make it easier to get them to help with the housework!

Whether it’s taking out the garbage or tidying up, it’s pretty hard to get kids excited about chores. After all, there are so many more interesting things to do than work! But, there are plenty of benefits that go along with kids helping out. From teaching them not to procrastinate to learning to maintain a household, there are important life skills to be learned. You can even offer them rewards that might make it more fun than expected!

What Are the Benefits of Chores?

Since they can play outside and watch television, it’s not very likely that household work will be your child’s favorite activity. But, chores for kids can be a meaningful part of development! Studies have even shown that doing chores is one of the best ways to reduce stress in children, because helping you out will make your children feel like they’re a vital part of the family.

It can also help to nurture a sense of responsibility and independence. If they’re accountable for a task, it’s probably something they’ll want to succeed at and do to the best of their abilities. Not only that, doing work around the home will enable them to appreciate what others do for them!

What Kind of Chores Can Your Kids Do?

Whether you have a huge family or it’s a single parent household, there’s always housework to do. It can be important for your child’s development to choose chores by age that will boost their confidence.

  • Preschoolers– For this age group, the chores list for kids can be as simple as cleaning up after themselves. If they’ve left out their toys or made a mess at lunchtime, they should clean it up. This will help them understand that it’s their duty to take care of their own messes.
  • School Age– As kids get older, they can take on more responsibility. While they should clean up after school, they should also put away their clothes and do their homework. You may want to get other ideas from parents on a family app.
  • Tweens– Kids that are close to their teenage years can take on just about any inside chore. Whether it’s cleaning the pantry or general homemaking, there’s plenty to choose from. They can also help to make dinner, empty the dishwasher and take out the garbage.
  • Teenagers– When they’re in their teenage years, kids can do almost anything you can do with a little help. In addition to making dinner and doing laundry, they may be able to do outdoor chores with supervision. This can include everything from washing the car to mowing the lawn.

Are Reward Systems Effective?

There are chores for kids by age that will help them feel like part of the family. But, depending on parenting styles, you may want to offer them extra rewards! You may even want to share your rewards ideas with others on FamilyApp!

  • Provide an Allowance – Kids should get an allowance, with or without doing work around the house. But, it can also be a way to get them to earn and manage money. While they should have a base set of chores, you can up their allowance if they take on additional house duties.
  • Establish a Rewards System – Instead of an allowance, you may want to offer rewards for your child using a chores app! If they do their tasks they can have extra TV time or a sleepover with their friend. This can be ideal for instilling them with a good work ethic.

Kids may not always like them, but doing chores is an important part of learning to be responsible. And, fortunately for them, earning an allowance and other rewards can provide an added benefit for doing the work. Do you have any tips for getting your kids to help around the house? Tell us in our comments or share them on a family app! Whether it’s washing the car or cleaning the bathroom, taking on responsibility is an important rite of passage.

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