Family Movie Night: Favorites for the Whole Family

Family movie night can be a great way to enjoy some time with your family. But what do you watch that is appropriate and enjoyable for both kids and parents? Here are some of our favorites that your whole family can enjoy together!

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Finding a Great Family Movie

There’s something so special about snuggling into the couch in your den with a
bowl of popcorn and watching a family movie with your loved ones. Or maybe you prefer going to the movie theater for the latest releases? Family movies are also an especially great rainy day activity.

What are the best kids movies around? There’s not really a wrong answer to that one! Some people like funny kids movies or cartoons. Others prefer action and adventure, or maybe a cute animal flick. Some movies, like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, might be great for older kids and teens, but a little mature for younger viewers. Other films like cartoon movies, such as the Cars and Toy Story films might be more fun for younger kids.

Movies for the Boys and Girls

Expand your horizons when it comes to picking a great film to watch together. Don’t be too quick to label some great films as “movies for girls” or “movies for boys.” 

The humor and adventure in a movie like The Sandlot, for example, features predominately male cast but has lots of female fans. Similarly, many boys will love the wit and charm of more girl-oriented movies like the Princess Diaries.

No matter how you like to watch, or what you enjoy, here are a few more of our favorite family films for your next family movie night.

Incredibles 2: What’s not to love about this superhero family? They all have their own gifts, but must work together in order to save the world! While some of the action sequences might be a little intense for the youngest viewers, this film is a great choice if you want to see a film together in the theaters this summer.

Classic Kids Movies

Many great family movies stand the test of time. Here are three of our favorite classics:

Babe: Baa-ram-ewe! Little pig Babe shows naysayers that anything is possible, even a sheepherding pig. This 1996 classic was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Other than the looming possibility of Babe becoming bacon before his time and the wild dogs that break into the sheep pen, there’s nothing in this film that’s overly scary for younger kids. But adults might get a little choked up at the end when Farmer Hoggett says, “that’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.”

The Sound of Music: What child doesn’t want to be a Von Trapp after seeing this classic film? With iconic songs and sweeping cinematography, this film regularly ranks as one of the all-time greatest movies. When I’d watch as a child, my mother would always turn the movie off after the wedding, since the Nazis in the film are no joke!

These more intense scenes will probably go over the heads of your kids, but if you want to let your kids experience the movie without the violence, you can always just show them the songs. My 3-year-old daughter was absolutely captivated by the Lonely Goatherd scene, and we watched that scene on repeat for months!

Star Wars: A New Hope: May the force be with you- watch the original film that spawned a mighty Jedi empire. Even though it’s been over forty years since the film was released, it still captivates audiences today. Your kids will be inspired by Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker who are saving the galaxy together. Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C3-PO are also great kid-favorites, too.

New Kids Movies

Paddington 2: Even though it’s for kids, this might be my favorite movie of 2018 so far. It’s a heartwarming story of the lengths one bear will go undergo to make sure his dear Aunt Lucy gets the perfect birthday present. Paddington exemplifies good manners and kindness to everyone he interacts with. Some scenes in this movie might be a bit intense for younger viewers, but it’s a perfect family movie for school-age children that adults will enjoy, too.

Peter Rabbit: Peter Rabbit and friends aren’t too happy about the budding romance when Mr. McGregor’s nephew moves next door to Bea (Beatrix Potter). So they decide to take matters into their own hands! The cartoonish violence might be a bit much for younger children, and there are lots of attitudes in the film that you probably won’t want your kids to emulate. But they do learn from their mistakes as the film progresses. If you want a slower, more faithful adaptation to the Beatrix Potter books, you’ll enjoy these movies more

Enjoy Your Family Movie Night!

Every family and child is different, and every family has their favorite films. Pick the right choice for your family, and enjoy a great movie together.

What did we miss? Do you have any favorites? Be sure to share with loved ones on your favorite family app!

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