Family Christmas Pajamas: Fun and Flannel

family Christmas pajamas

Christmas pajamas have joined the list of festive family traditions. Read on for a quick guide to picking your family pajamas.

Scroll through pictures on Christmas Eve, and you’ll see families gathered in matching pajamas by the tree. It’s mostly adorable and sometimes awkward. Should I be seeing Shelly’s Uncle Ron in that onesie? But it’s a thing. So much so that my kids, who aren’t scrolling on anything yet, have requested Christmas pajamas– with their names on the backs, to be exact. What is this trend?

matching christmas pajamas
Photo Credit: Katie Maynard @simplykatielynn

A Very Brief History of Christmas Pajamas

Pajamas have long been linked with Christmas. Many of our holiday rituals occur around bedtime and, of course, early morning present opening.  Then in the movie, “The Polar Express,” the kids leave their beds to ride the iconic holiday train to the North Pole. As a result, they are in the pajamas the whole time, forever uniting pajamas, hot chocolate, and Christmas cheer

But in more recent years Christmas pajamas have gained notable stature. The Holderness Family became a brand when their Christmas card video “Christmas Jammies” went viral. They sang and danced in family pajamas. We all laughed and laughed. Then we all went out and started buying our own Christmas PJs.If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s the value of some good cozy nightwear, that we can also wear all day. Pajamas aren’t the worn and frayed stuff you can’t wear in public anymore. Who’s going out in public?! Pajamas are everything.

Family Christmas Pajamas for Unity (and Laughs)

family christmas pajamas
Photo Credit: @irunfortheglory

Purchasing sleepwear for the whole family is a way to unite in divided times. Am I kidding? Only a little bit. When you get the whole crew together for the holiday, it’s a lot of dynamics. It’s also a lot of different fashion perspectives. Gone are the days of dressing up for dinner at Grandma’s. Wearing family matching Christmas pajamas eases the tension. Let’s just all look ridiculous, together.

If you’re on the hunt for pajamas to bring laughs, you can find some bargains. Walmart carries Reindeer Hoodie Family Christmas Pajamas. But I’m also a fan of their Fleece Penguin Onesie. Take these PJs out on the town!

Christmas Pajamas for the Perfect Photo Op

family christmas pajamas
Photo Credit: @fridaywereinlove

If you are going for more of a polished feel with your Christmas pajamas, a plaid button-up might be your jam(mie). Old Navy sells cozy flannel plaid pajama sets for the entire family.

Hanna Andersson is my jammie headquarters for cute and long-lasting sleepwear. Their organic cotton is soft and never seems to wear out. Plus, their site shows a family out Christmas tree shopping in their matching Christmas PJs. How do I get to be those people?

Hatley is another great spot for Kids Christmas pajamas that they’ll want to wear (and you’ll want to pass down.) Their sister site Little Blue House sells adorable matching pajamas in original holiday prints. People will be jealous of your post in these jammies. (That’s the Christmas spirit.)

Christmas Jammies for Year-Round Casual

matching pajamas for christmas
old navy pajamas @doubling_up

In 2020 and 2021, PJs became what outfits once were. And while a t-shirt and jeans are already dressed down for your zoom calls, pajamas make a different statement. Wearing sleepwear all day admits a certain level of surrender to the moment, and surrender to comfort. That’s something we’ll take with us into 2022. 


Pajama On

Family pajamas, whether you get a picture or not, create a shared experience. In case 2020 didn’t give you enough family time, consider matching family Christmas pajamas to remind you now, and every time you put them on, that you were all in this together. Literally, in these flannel, patterned, hooded, onesies together. Merry Jammie Christmas!

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