Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast


Think you’re an enneagram type 7? Read all about the traits of this enneagram type on your path to self-discovery.

Am I an Enneagram Seven?

In general, type sevens are energized in the presence of others. They are fun, spontaneous, always searching for new things to do, and soaking up all of what life has to offer. Sevens try to suppress negative emotions and feelings by distracting themselves with new and exciting experiences. Sevens tend to look for the silver lining in any situation and are always exploring to avoid boredom. These go-with-the-flow people constantly seek pure pleasure on their quest for “the good life.” They are excited by the future and all of the new possibilities it holds.

Enneagram 7 Basic Desire: This personality type desires to feel satisfied in life. They tend to find satisfaction through excitement and change.

Enneagram 7 Core Motivations: Type sevens are motivated by the idea of maintaining their freedom and choices, as well as the excitement of new ideas and experiences.

Enneagram 7 Basic Fear: Sevens have big-time FOMO (fear of missing out) and avoid boredom. Even deeper than that, a seven is afraid of pain and suffering.

Strengths and Weaknesses of an Enneagram Type Seven

Enneagram 7 Strengths: This Enneagram type is future-oriented, fun-loving, and optimistic. They also learn new skills easily and are often seen as an instant expert by others. An Enneagram 7 is usually the life of the party with a constant stream of topics to discuss and their ability to make friends easily. Since sevens are not tied to schedules and plans, they tend to be very flexible and laid-back.

Enneagram 7 Weaknesses: At unhealthy levels, an Enneagram type 7 could show attention-seeking behaviors, coming across as self-centered. Because their minds are constantly racing, they tend to react too quickly or make premature decisions. Sometimes sevens can be seen as flaky. Since they desire to find the fun in life, they like to keep their options open with multiple choices to avoid boredom and FOMO.

Every personality type has blind spots! Have no fear type 7; we still love you! Scroll down to our section on “tips for growth” for practical ways to help combat these weaknesses.

Healthy and Unhealthy Sevens

Healthy Type Seven: A healthy seven is very self-aware and exhibits some of the focused qualities of a healthy Enneagram 5. They can identify activities that bring them joy and focus on those. Since they are interested in many things, they become multi-talented and use their skills to make an impact. Healthy sevens lead with gratitude and can acknowledge every experience (good and bad) as a learning and growth opportunity. A healthy Enneagram type 7 allows themself to feel their feelings instead of deflecting them.

Unhealthy Type Seven: Since sevens tend to ignore or block out negative feelings, unhealthy sevens can find themselves caught up living in a false reality. This positive world created by a seven serves as a temporary escape from reality but can quickly turn into a distortion of the truth. Since they have become so consumed by this false reality of positive emotions, they can become highly critical and easily irritated by the people and world around them, similar to an unhealthy Enneagram 1. This all can spiral into a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. At unhealthy levels, a seven can also fall into burnout from the constant activity.

Tips for Growth: Enneagram 7

Tips for personal growth will depend on each sevens’ personality type. However, the tips listed below are practical growth areas for most sevens.

Slow Down and Be Present: People who are an Enneagram 7 tend to always be zipping around from one task to the next, keeping occupied with constant stimulation. This need for excitement, combined with a future-oriented mindset, can lead a seven to miss out on life in the present. It is important to remember it is okay to rest, breathe, and be present in the moment you are in. This could mean engaging in deep conversation with a loved one or pausing to get a sense of your current feelings and emotions.

Challenge Yourself to Get Uncomfortable: As people-oriented extroverts, some sevens find it hard to be alone. For example, if home alone, a seven will do almost anything to stay occupied (watch TV, listen to music, or call everybody in their contact list) to avoid being alone with their thoughts. A good way to start getting comfortable alone is through journaling. This activity gives an Enneagram 7 an outlet to express their feelings for reflection.

Understand the Value of Validating Feelings: Sevens are notoriously called the positive ones. They avoid emotional pain and block out negative experiences. In order to grow, a seven must allow themself to sit with and understand their emotions instead of deflecting them.

On the other hand, sometimes friends going through struggles would rather have a listening ear than hear the positive side of their situation. Remember, it is okay not to be okay, and you do not always need to be the one inspiring people.

The Wings of Enneagram Type Sevens

It is possible to be a pure seven, but many enneagram types are drawn more towards the qualities of one of their neighboring types.

Enneagram Seven Wing Six
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Seven Wing Six: Like an Enneagram six, sevens with a six-wing are more grounded and loyal than others. This personality type is also called the pathfinder or the entertainer. They are committed to finishing the projects they start, making them highly productive—the six-wing causes this type to overthink, which could lead to anxiety. Robin Williams could be a famous Enneagram 7w6.

Seven Wing Eight: Sevens with an eight wing are also known as opportunists or realists. They tend to be more present at the moment. Unlike 7w6, 7w8 has difficulty finishing the many projects they start. However, they can bring many creative and positive ideas to the table. The eight wing causes this personality to be bold and assertive. They take their focus off of negative emotions by constantly seeking joy and happiness. John F. Kennedy could be a famous 7w8.

Enneagram Type 7 Functioning in Relationships

Sevens are great people to have as friends because they are always uplifting and planning the next activity! Check out how a type seven functions in relationship with other personality types.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 1s: Sevens get along well with ones because they are both great at planning. Ones bring order, and sevens bring excitement and ideas. Ones tend to seek love and approval, and sevens are great at filling that emotional need!

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 2s: Sevens and twos can look very similar at first. Both types are optimistic, outgoing, and love life. However, twos help bring emotions (other than happiness) to the relationship, and sevens remind twos to pour into themselves for a change.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 3s: Sevens and threes get along well due to their shared high energy and futuristic mindset. As extroverts, they are energized in the presence of each other. Threes bring focus to the relationship, and sevens bring spontaneity.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 4s: Sevens and fours are natural opposites. Unlike a seven, fours tend to be more introverted, shy, and pessimistic, but they bond over their spontaneity and enjoyment of the finer things in life.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 5s: Sevens and fives are both thinkers, so they are great partners for bouncing ideas around. In this relationship, fives can teach independence, and sevens exemplify readiness.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 6s: Sevens and sixes are compatible in getting things done. Sevens will generate ideas, and sixes will create a plan and follow through with the steps to accomplishing it. Both personality types in this relationship can learn a lot from each other.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship 7s: If an enneagram type 7 is in a relationship with another Enneagram 7, they will bring out a lot of the same qualities in each other. A double seven relationship can be easily spotted with both parties trying new things and going new places. Each seven will bring their own need for freedom to the relationship, so they will try not to force too many routines or rules on the other.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 8s: Both sevens and eights are confident and outspoken. They both enjoy adventure and entertaining others. Eights bring direction, and sevens bring excitement to their lives.

Enneagram 7 in Relationship with 9s: A seven-nine pairing is seen as one of the most compatible Enneagram relationships. They both prefer to avoid conflict or pain and choose joy. Sevens and nines make the best of day-to-day life and strike a balance of fun and relaxation when together.

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Famous Enneagram 7s

With a fundamental desire to seek and create joy, it is no surprise that many comedians and entertainers are type sevens. While only you can determine your Enneagram type, the following people display characteristics of Enneagram 7s.

  • Elton John
  • Robin Williams
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Britney Spears
  • Dick Van Dyke
  • Jack Black
  • John F Kennedy
  • Amelia Earhart.

Which Enneagram Type Are You?

Each Enneagram has a different way of relating to the world. By now, you should have a pretty good idea if you are an Enneagram 7 or not! Check out the rest of our articles on Enneagram types to figure out which one you are or take the test HERE!

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