You Might Be an Enneagram Type 4 If…

What is Enneagram Type 4?

Enneagram Type 4’s possess some of the rarest and most complex personalities across the enneagram spectrum. “Spoken like a true four,” you’re probably thinking, and you’re right.

Learning about your Enneagram type is a great way to further know yourself and your tendencies. If you or someone you know might be a Type 4, then keep reading– you just might be a Type Four if you resonate with our list!

Enneagram Type Fours:

Often titled as the “romantics” or “individualists,” type fours are the Enneagram personalities known for their ability to deeply explore the realm of emotions, express themselves creatively, and think introspectively. However, fours are sometimes overly self-aware, self-absorbed, and moody. While fours can have a reputation for society’s band of brooders, they often have a keen sense of humor and are unmatched in their empathy, compassion, and desire.

enneagram type 4
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You Might Be an Enneagram Type Four if…

There’s nothing more terrible than bad taste.

You desperately crave love and acceptance for who you are, but at the same time, desire to be fundamentally different from everyone else. Oh, the agony.

People open up quickly and trust you with their feelings and emotions.

Self-expression means everything to you. If you can’t get something done without your own creative spin, then it’s not worth doing.

Over-thinking is the name of the game.

Or If…

You’re quick to tell people how much you can’t stand the Enneagram, but you know it’s accurate deep down inside.

Living in nostalgia is more comfortable than living in the present.

You can always spot the phony. Four is the Enneagram type that obsesses over the details. They’ve got sharp eyes for the things that don’t quite line up.

Even the breakfast cereal you chose this morning was a matter of the heart.

You’re on the never-ending search for self-discovery and the deeper meaning behind everything, ever.

You’re too sensitive. There, I said it. We all knew it was coming.

enneagram type four
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Don’t Freak Out.

If, by now, you’re thinking about how strange and unpredictable the mind of a Type Four can be, don’t be discouraged. Fours make up the smallest percentage of all the Enneagram types on the test, which means there is some merit to our individualism. It’s important to note that the Enneagram is not a perfect tool for measuring personality; it can be frighteningly accurate, but that doesn’t mean it’s always correct. Type Fours see the world in ways that many others cannot. With that being said, it’s crucial to have outlets to exercise those emotional, creative, and expressive tendencies. The difference between healthy fours and unhealthy fours is almost like comparing two different enneagram numbers, so fight for the healthy Four.

Famous Enneagram Fours

Jeremy Irons, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Anne Rice, J.D. Salinger, Edgar Allen Poe, Prince, Judy Garland, Vincent Van Gogh, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Patsy Cline, Elizabeth Taylor, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison, Morrissey, Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, Neil Young, Meryl Streep

enneagram type four

Whether you know your number or not, there’s something to be said about the value of learning more about yourself with personality tests. The Enneagram is a great place to start if you’re looking to take one for free. Knowing the tendencies of yourself and those around you can bring clarity to friendships, relationships, and the workplace. If you resonated with our list, let us know which ones we missed for other Enneagram Type Fours!

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