Create Your Own Personal Wellness Retreat

take a personal wellness retreat

Does the idea of creating your own wellness retreat nourish your mind with a sense of healing from the chaos of the world right now?

Manifesting a mindfulness plan to get in touch with your spiritual life does not have to be complicated. You can decide to go for a hike for just a day or create a weekend retreat for yourself. Planning a soul-enriching hideaway may be the perfect wellness escape that helps you feel whole again.

Create a Quiet Stay With a Purpose

If you feel like you need to nourish yourself and spend time away from the bustle of daily life, it may be time to treat yourself to a solo retreat. Furthermore, you can focus on what atmosphere you want to find. First, ask yourself what kind of activities you want to do to practice self-care and rejuvenate your spirit.

Do you envision yoga on the beach or daily meditation?  Are you seeking a peaceful refuge to create a spa-like experience where you can unwind and have personal space for thinking and journaling? Whether you are looking for a place to rest or recollect your thoughts, you will need to think of where you will stay.  You may decide to check-in to a cabin with a fireplace. Clarity of what ambiance you want to achieve is a great idea for a holistic and successful personal retreat.

Rent Your Own Wellness Mini-Retreat From Airbnb

wellness retreat

Whether you plan to go for a few hours or a few days, choosing a contactless Airbnb rental gives you options. You can look at cottages by the water or a cabin in the mountains. If you need a sauna, some rentals will provide a holistic atmosphere equipped with a hot tub, sauna, and even a pool.

Your preference for a wellness-focused trip is deeply personal, so there isn’t a wrong way to do this. It really boils down to an environment where you feel safe to practice stress management. Consider what kind of environment will help you recharge and reconnect with yourself. Finding the perfect ambiance to foster positive mental health will bring you a deep sense of well-being.

What Should You Bring on a Personal Wellness Retreat?

food on a solo retreat

It’s so important to have a few of your favorite things to help you relax and recharge. Here are a few to help you unwind:

  • wireless speakers to play your favorite tunes
  • your favorite food
  • yoga mat
  • eye mask for deep sleep
  • your favorite toiletries and essential oils
  • a journal
  • an open mind

Spending Time in Solitude

Sometimes, getting away from co-workers on zoom for at least a full day is needed for the mind-body connection. Furthermore, unplugging from the distraction of a hectic work schedule can help you return to a health-focused path.

A private retreat that you create for yourself can start with a simple step-by-step list. After you figure out where you want to stay and for how long, you can decide what activities will bring you the most joy. You can plan a farm-to-table menu where you bring vegetables from the farmer’s market to create your own cozy health spa theme plant-based meals.

Spending quality time alone can help you connect with your heart’s desire and inspire you to reflect on life-giving activities that feed your soul.

Health Benefits of Forest Bathing in Nature

wellness retreat in the woods

Part of your personal wellness program during your solo retreat can include forest bathing. Walking in nature and among the trees can serve as a peaceful time of reflection. The Japanese refer to this activity as forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. This secluded time away from pandemic stress can help you recharge and foster a sense of calm.

In fact, researchers have found that walking in the woods can help with cardiovascular health and lower your blood pressure. If you find yourself questioning your stress levels, an intentional walk in nature can be grounding.

Safety and Seclusion on Your Wellness Retreat

Creating a safe cocoon for yourself is a wonderful opportunity to reduce stress. However, when planning your solo retreat, make sure you read your rental reviews and speak to the rental owners thoroughly.

If you’re looking for rentals, AirBNB, Getaway, and VRBO all have great options.

Question safety measures and only stay where you feel safe. Once you decide on your on-site solo retreat venue, you can plan out each day in joyful solitude. Make this wellness journey your own as you withdraw from stress and embrace a healthier life.

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