29 July 2021 (updated)

10+ Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gifts grandma? The following ideas will be sure to make her season a little brighter!

The holiday season is getting closer and with it comes the gift-giving! And, while finding the right gift for grandma can sometimes be a challenge, we have some ideas to help. Whether your grandma likes to cook or doesn’t get enough downtime, there’s a gift for her! Better yet, you can even make one for the kind of DIY Christmas gifts for grandma she’ll love. Be sure to share your ideas for the perfect gift on your favorite family app!

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What Are Some Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma From Grandchildren?

Whether you are a grown grandchild who wants to gift your Nana with something special, or you’re a mom looking for a present your kids can give to their grandma: these gift ideas will make a joyful Christmas!

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandma

1. A Homemade Card

Few things will mean more to nana than a handmade card from her grandchild. Get out the crayons and the glitter for something she’ll proudly post on her fridge for a long time. Share your personalized Christmas cards and gifts for grandma on FamilyApp!

2. Fingerprint Necklace

What better gift than being able to take her grandkids wherever she goes? A piece of jewelry is lovely, but a personalized gift with her grandchild’s fingerprint is extra special! It’s an ideal way to commemorate a moment that makes for a precious keepsake.

3. Recipe Box

For the grandma who’s proud of her recipe collection, nothing will be handier than her own recipe box. If she has plenty of books, she can write her favorites down and keep them in one place when cooking inspiration hits!

Cozy Christmas Gifts for Grandma

4. Winter Slippers

A set of slippers is ordinarily a great gift idea, but these Warmies slippers are even better! All your grandma has to do is put each slipper in the microwave for a boost of warmth. They’re perfect for keeping her warm in winter and they’ll remind her of her favorite grandchild!

5. Knit Blanket

It’s important for grandma to stay warm through winter, and that’s why a cozy blanket she can snuggle into is perfect! You may want to choose a super-soft chenille throw. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, knit one yourself which will make one of the most memorable gifts for grandma!

6. Calming Pillow

If your grandmother just can’t get to sleep, get her this lavender-infused pillow to help with restful nights! All she has to do is heat it to soothe aches and pain at any time. Share your unique Christmas gifts for grandma on your favorite family app!

7. Soy Candle

There’s nothing like lighting a candle to add a little bit of warmth to any home. Whether you spring for something expensive or keep it simple, choose a scent your grandmother loves. A candle set that offers different votive options can be even better!

Delicious Christmas Gifts for Grandma

8. Hearty Herb Garden

Most of us have at least one recipe passed down from our grandmother that we cherish. That’s why a little spice for her kitchen can be the answer to what to get grandma for Christmas. All her thyme, oregano, and parsley garden will need is a little water!

9. Luxury Tea Set

For many a grandkid, sitting down with their grandma for a chat over a cup of tea is a time-honored tradition. Why not bump up her tea collection with a set she won’t be able to find at the local store? She may find a new favorite!

10. Fancy Box of Chocolates

Grandma’s usually the one who spoils the family with goodies, so why not return the favor this year? Gift her an indulgent box of chocolate truffles that she can enjoy all by herself (or share with you!)

The Right Christmas Gifts for the Grandma Who Has Everything?

Finding the perfect gift for grandma might seem to be a daunting task! But no matter what you decide, it’s the thought that they’ll appreciate the most. So making something homemade, might mean even more than splurging on the latest gadget!

Another great idea for grandma is simply to let her take part in her grandkid’s life. Set up a weekly video call or send updates about your kid’s life in your FamilyApp group chat regularly. This will make you all feel closer and is a great gift that money can’t buy!

Do you have any other Christmas gift ideas for grandma? Share them with other shoppers in our comments! A gift she’ll always remember doesn’t have to be hard to find.

And if you're also looking for Christmas gifts for grandpas, we've got you covered!

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