Get Your Plants Growing With Container Gardening!

Container Gardening Indoors and Outdoors

Having a beautiful garden doesn’t have to be about an abundance of space. With container gardening, you can grow all your favorites in the comfort of your own apartment!

For many people, one of the pleasures of spring and summer is getting out into the garden. Whether you love gardening or appreciate the fruits of your labor, nothing is prettier than a planter full of flowers! However, many people live in small spaces where a big garden isn’t possible, and that’s where container gardening comes in. Instead of requiring an abundance of space, you can make your own garden with a plant and some potting fertilizer! Share your ideas on your favorite family app with other gardeners.

Why Container Gardening?

One of the most common reasons that a green thumb is drawn to container gardening is size restrictions. Many people don’t have a yard or much gardening space, and that means a container can be the perfect option! This type of gardening allows you to control your soil mix so you can choose what you grow. It also means that you can change things up whenever you get the notion. For those who want a versatile garden that works in smaller spaces or even indoors, planting with containers can be the best option. Share your container gardening ideas with others on FamilyApp!

How Do You Start Container Gardening?

To avoid one of the most common container gardening mistakes, you won’t want to use just any potting soil. Instead, you’ll want to determine what kind of plants you’re growing so you can get the right mix. Whether a succulent or container vegetables, research the soil that will work best for what you want to grow.

Once you know this, you can purchase potting containers with drainage holes. One of the biggest problems for plants is overwatering and holes ensure your vegetables and flowers get the right amount of moisture. You can also use a variety of planters for growing them, as long as you follow good gardening tips!

What Do I Need for Container Gardening?

The great thing about container gardens is that you can hang them on your patio or place them on the windowsill! You don’t require a lot of materials to get started. The most important part is the container. While plastic pots will do, clay planters can be better for evaporation so your plants don’t get too much water. In order to determine what you need, you may want to check out other gardens with containers in your neighborhood. You can also talk to your local gardening expert for some great insider tips!

What Should I Grow in a Container Garden?

There’s no limit to what you can do with the right container gardening layout. With a few pots and a little soil, let your imagination run wild! Share your ideas on your favorite family app.

  • Vegetables & Herbs – For the small-time grower, herbs can often be a favorite. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own vegetables whether broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, radish, or tomato. Be sure to pick your favorites and start out small!
  • Annual Flowers – The thing that will really make your patio or indoor area sing is some pretty planting! Choose container gardening plants with lovely foliage like geraniums, marigolds, or begonias so they can grow through the summer.
  • Perennials – This type of plant will make your job as a gardener easy since you won’t have to groom them each year! Try beautiful perennials like lavender, lamiums, or even lilies for something you’ll never get tired of looking at.

Gardening can seem discouraging if you don’t have a yard but container gardening makes it easy to indulge in outside pleasures without all the space. In order to grow vegetables or savor succulents, it may be time to buy some pots and planters! Do you have any container gardening tips? Share them with other green thumbs in our comments! Whether you grow herbs or your favorite vegetable, this gardening style makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors even when you have to stay at home!

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