Valentine's Day Dogs and puppies

Stuck without a date for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress it. Fall in love with these adorable Valentine’s Day Dogs instead.

Valentine’s Day can be the sweetest day of February. For others, however, it serves as a cruel reminder that many people don’t have anyone to cuddle up with in front of their favorite rom-com movie. But why can’t your adorable pup Mr. Snuggles take the place of your date this year? Dogs are a great companion for almost any occasion, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, remind them how much they are appreciated this Valentine’s Day! Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Dogs for some holiday inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Dogs: How Could You Say No?

Valentine's Day Dogs

photo courtesy of @minidood_winston

Winston the Mini Goldendoodle might just be the cutest Valentine’s Day dog we’ve ever seen! I mean, how could you say no to that face? Sometimes Valentine’s Day is about making elaborate plans, expensive dinners, and hand-written notes, but it doesn’t always have to be that complicated. Winston’s chew-toy rose and some good company are all he needs.

Candle Lit Dinner For Two.

Valentine's Day Dogs

photo courtesy of @vizslacooper

This handsome Valentine Vizsla beat you to it. Just imagine coming home to this lovely surprise! Candles lit for ambiance, a kiss pillow to send the right vibes and… well, a nice can of pork-flavored dog food. His meal of choice might not have been a hole-in-one, but you’ve got to give him credit for the effort. Would you join him at the table?

Mini Aussies are Lovable Aussies.

Valentine's Day Dogs

photo courtesy of @mojitotheminiaussie

If you don’t think mini Australian Shepards are one of the most adorable dog breeds, there might be something wrong with you. They’re spunky, energetic and lovable (Mojito the Mini Aussie is pretty familiar with Valentine’s Day already).

Dark, Handsome and Hairy.

Valentine's Day Dogs

photo courtesy of @cartercanines

It’s a normal day– you go about your business running errands and everything goes as expected. You stop at the local coffee shop for a morning dose of caffeine, but just as you get up to leave, he locks eyes with you from across the cafe. Who is he? Dark, Handsome and Hairy, this chocolate Lab has one question for you: will you be his Valentine??

Pug is Love, Pug is Life.

Adorable Pug on Valentine's Day

photo courtesy of @max_i._million

Pugs just might be some of the most snuggly animals on the planet. You can use them for pillows, comic relief, and all-around great company. What few people know, however, is that Pugs make a great Valentine’s Date! If you’re the lucky owner of one of these adorable pups, dress them up for the spotlight and treat them to their favorite snacks. I mean, look at that face. How could you say no?

Free Kisses.

Valentine's Day Doggo

photo courtesy of @moonshinersclub

We all knew that Bloodhounds have a reputation for being patient and loving animals. Although they’ve been bred for hundreds of years as hunting dogs, this Bloodhound is only concerned with hunting down free kisses.

Valentine’s Day Dogs: Mean Girls.

Valentine's Narcotics Sniffing Dog

photo courtesy of @K-9_ara

Ara the Dutch Shepard is no average pet… she’s specially trained to sniff out narcotics and she means business. Regardless, even the fiercest dogs need a Valentine. This February, K-9 Ara and her owner will be on the hunt for anyone causing trouble on Valentine’s Day!

She’s Small, She’s Sassy, and She’s Adorable.

Valentine's Day Dogs

photo courtesy of @ashtangauppsala

Alla the pup might seem dark and mysterious, but behind that dark exterior is a heart searching for love just like everybody else. To help send the message, she’s rocking these heart-antlers to let everyone know that her Valentines Day spirit is brighter than ever!

Everybody’s Crazy for a Sharp Dressed Westiepoo.

Valentine's Day Pup with bowtie

photo courtesy of @max_i._million

If you’ve got a true love for cute dogs then this Westiepoo wearing a heart-patterned bowtie will have you ditching your other date in a heartbeat. His name is Max, and if you see him heading your way, you better make sure your date’s looking in the opposite direction. If you’re in the market for a Valentine’s costume for your own dog, heart-themed bowties are a quick and easy way to celebrate the holiday of love.


This year, don’t let Valentine’s Day cause any heartache or fear of missing out. Plan a night in for you and your pup! Grab their favorite chew toys and treats and let them know how much they mean to you! Think we would love your Valentine’s Day dog? Reach out and let us know what we’re missing @getfamilyapp. Check out for more Valentine’s Day history, date ideas and more!

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