Bike Holidays to explore the world

There’s no better way to tour a country than by bicycle! From Holland’s castles to Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, enjoy fantastic bike holidays options with your family or on your own. Here are four travel destinations for a bike vacation you don’t want to miss.

The annual holiday excursion can be a source of excitement and anticipation. However, it can be hard to come up with new destinations – and new ways – to see the world. If you’re considering a different kind of trip this year, you may want to try a bicycle or e-bike tour. Whether you choose bike holidays in Europe or cycling in the United States, this can make for an epic journey! We talk about the best four travel destinations for biking in the world: Spain, Holland, Marocco, and to City of Arts and Sciences in Spain

Bike Holidays To Spot The Sights Of Spain

What better way to explore this country’s unique history than with bike holidays in Spain! You will pass through the cities of Teruel, Jerica, Sagunto, and Valencia at a pace of 35 miles per day. From the iron mines of Ojos Negros to the Peracense Castle, there is plenty of history to explore.

A trip to Spain isn’t complete without visiting the architectural wonder of the City of Arts and Sciences! Located in Valencia, your children will be fascinated by the sheer scale of this entertainment complex. There are also plenty of affordable and comfortable hotels and hostels to choose from. This includes the Casa El Portalico in Jerica, La Casa del Aguelo in Cella and Hotel NH Las Artes in Valencia. Bike rentals, transportation, lodging, and food are included. So all you have to do is pack the bags for your bike holidays in Spain!

Bike Holidays In Historic Holland

With its flat routes and stunning scenery, many cycling holidays in Holland are perfect specifically for families! In addition to windmills galore, this tour features plenty of cheese and chocolate factories and even a train museum!

Whether you’re watching wildlife or traveling towns, enjoy the Dutch Venice of Giethoorn on one of many bike holidays in Holland. As an easygoing cycling adventure, you’ll see historic towns and villages, and the climbing dunes of Schoorl. This tour goes for 6 nights and is a relatively moderate daily pace of 25 miles. Many hotels in the area including the Grand Hotel Alkmaar, Hotel Lemmer and the Harmonie in Giethoorn. As bike rentals, breakfasts and accommodations are included, you’ll only need to worry about additional food and packing light!

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Bike Holidays In Exotic Morocco

Morocco may be an enigmatic destination, but this can be enchanting bike holidays for kids 14 and over! Not only will they get to experience an entirely different culture, they’ll get to glimpse the North African countryside. Whether cycling along the High Atlas Mountains or through tribal villages, there’s a lot to see and explore.

You can even take part in a camel trek and walk the famed souks of Marrakech! At 142 miles over 5 days, this bike holidays will be a welcome challenge for your family. As Morocco is a developing country, the accommodations may be simpler than many people are accustomed to. However, they are clean, comfortable and located close to many amenities. Breakfast, bicycle rentals, transport, and accommodations are all included so you only have to worry about packing for this excursion.

Bike Holidays To The Inca Trail In Peru

bike holiday in PeruPeru is one of the most coveted South American destinations there is! However, taking bike holidays in Peru can be an ambitious excursion, so you may want to go it alone. This holiday trip will take you through Lima, Cusco and to Machu Picchu and includes walking, cycling and river rafting. Fortunately, the stunning beauty of the region will be worth the work it takes to get there! Keep in mind that there are areas of flat countryside that will give you a bit of a breather. This 14-day bike holidays includes accommodation, some meals, transport, and rafting equipment. Spend 5 nights camping, and the rest in comfortable budget hotels. You’ll just have to prep by bringing sleeping bags, appropriate clothing, and any toiletries.

An annual holiday excursion is something that every member of the family looks forward to. Fortunately, there are ways to spice up the adventure with a bicycle tour in an exotic locale! Whether you’re taking a bike holiday in Europe or cycling Peru, share your experience and photos on FamilyApp. Whatever your skill or expertise level, there’s a trip suitable for everyone.

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