Big Family Life: Tips and Ideas for Organizing a Large Family

managing a big family

Big family life can be tons of fun, but managing a household and everyone’s schedules is no small task! So here are a few of our favorite organizational tips that will keep everyone on the same page!

Juggling family activities can present a challenge to everyone- whether you have one child or many. But a little structure and organization go a long way.

There are many ways you can keep your children-rich family organized, whether you’re usually homebound or always on the go! Check these ideas for moms and dads of large families!

What Are the Best Organizational Tips for a Big Family?

Organization is key for big families! And, while quite a few kids can mean more challenges, there are ways to improve the organizational odds.

This helps you not to lose your mind while trying to remember everything. Plus, it makes communication easier. Mom is often the one person that gets asked where everything is or which event takes place when. So having everything written out, and put in a central place- whether it’s an online spreadsheet or family message board, can be really helpful!

Use a Family Calendar for Organization

A large calendar with all of your big family activities might seem easy enough. But, it’s the kind of simple thing that will save your family a lot of hassle. Instead of having to text or check in, you’ll know where your children, sibling, or parents are. You’ll also be able to schedule family adventures so everyone can get involved. Color-codes may also help you with staying organized. Whatever suits your needs!

Stick to the Schedule

You often hear that variety is the spice of life. However, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to having a large family. In fact, a routine you can all stick to will ensure you’re all involved and on top of the schedule. Whether you have laundry to do or clutter to clear, a familiar routine is something you can rely on. It will also make it easier to plan a big family day out you can all enjoy together.

This easy yet effective tip will save your life when things start to get stressful, or your schedule changes. Like on the first day of kindergarten or school. So all moms, dads, and kids together, repeat after me: Stick to your schedule!

Organize Your Family Dinner with a Meal Plan

One of the toughest parts of family life is getting dinner on the table. With so many mouths to feed, it can seem nearly impossible to keep every kid happy and well-fed. That’s where a meal plan comes in.

By planning ahead, you won’t have to worry about multiple grocery store trips. Since you’ll know in advance you can also bulk buy at stores like Costco to save on big family expenses! It can also make your evening routine a lot easier. That saves you time in the kitchen.

Another benefit: When one of the kids doesn’t like tonight’s dinner you can point out that their favorite meal is planned the next evening. That makes meal discussions with your picky child easier.

Assign Chores to Your Children

Some moms want to be responsible for all the tasks in their homes and households by themselves. While this is admirable, by not expecting your kids to take responsibility for some of the household tasks, you’re depriving them of some really important life skills. And you risk your own mental health and burning out! Nobody can do it all!

So assigning tasks is not a sign of weakness or not being able to keep a household together. It’s a good sign as you are aware of and able to manage your resources. Plus, getting your kids on board has huge benefits for their future life. Even smaller children can do chores and help in the kitchen, with the laundry or clean up the clutter. Sit down with your kids and write – or draw – a to-do list for every child so nobody feels disadvantaged. Plus, they cannot “forget” their duty when you put the lists in a prominent spot of your house.

Is There an App to Help Big Families Get Organized?

For big family fun on the go, there are plenty of apps that will keep everyone on top of things – not only mom. Whether you’re organizing chores and tasks, shopping for groceries, or planning a child’s play dates with friends, these apps can help the whole household!

We designed our FamilyApp especially with the needs of families (both big and small) in mind. So you will surely be into it right from the start! FamilyApp helps your large family life as you can connect with each other in a safe space. Soon there will be other features like a family recipe box and GPS tracking your kids!

Organization Ideas for Families with Many Children

There’s no doubt that having a large family can pose a particular challenge for every parent. Fortunately, there are plenty of advantages that can make your big family a little more organized. Whether you adopt a routine or use FamilyApp, being prepared can make a big difference.

Do you have any tips for keeping your family with mandy kids organized? Share your finds with us in our comments!

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