The Best Sleep Tracking Apps

Do sleep tracking apps really work? We think so! Read on to learn all about the best sleep tracking apps as well as apps for specific purposes such as snoring or infant sleep tracking.

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How Do Sleep Tracking Apps Work?

Sleep tracking apps on smartphones listen to your sleep sounds and track your movement during sleep. They measure your sleep cycles and pay attention to different factors like what time you wake and fall asleep, your screen time, amount of light in the room, etc. That way, they can determine which factors affect your quality of sleep. The apps will analyze these elements of your sleep to help you understand what your sleep habits look like and what you can improve on. Many will make personal recommendations based on these findings.

Can a Sleep Tracking App Help Me Sleep?

Are you feeling fatigued or having a hard time sleeping? Did you know that sleep tracking apps can work to change that? The American Journal of Managed Care estimates that about 30% to 40% of adults in the United States report symptoms of insomnia at some point in a given year. Tracking your sleep may be the next step in fighting insomnia and sleep deprivation. These apps claim to help you track and improve your sleep habits in a world where rest is becoming less and less of a priority, yet remaining one of the most critical aspects of health.

What Are the Best Sleep Tracking Apps?

There are many fantastic apps and wearable devices that can help you track your sleep and the best app for you will depend on different factors, including your sleep needs and overall budget. There are lots of great sleep tracking apps to help you improve this area of your health. Here are a few of our favorites:

Sleep Cycle

This app analyzes your personal sleep patterns and determines the best time to wake you up. We go through sleep cycles every night, with each cycle having different stages with different purposes. Sleep Cycle will measure your sleep cycles nightly and wake you up when you’re in the lightest phase. You’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed with this sleep aid in addition to learning more about your unique sleep style and needs.

Sleep Center

Become a better sleeper with Sleep Center. “The Sleep Center is a superior all-in-one sleep application. It consists of four modules: Recorder, Smart Alarm, Stop Snoring, Sleepy Sounds”… all meant to help you sleep well. Utilize and adjust these tools based on your needs to fall asleep quicker and get deep sleep.

Sleep Score

Set goals, fall asleep to relaxing sounds, analyze your sleep cycles, and improve your score! This app takes a multitude of aspects of sleep into consideration when analyzing your sleep score such as sleep duration, the time it takes to fall asleep and wake up, time in light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and deep sleep, etc. You will receive personalized advice about how to improve your sleep and then watch your progress.

Snore Tracking Apps

sleep tracking apps


Do you tend to snore? This app listens for snoring sounds all night long to analyze your snoring and sleep habits. Use SnoreLab to help detect sleep apnea as well. It will measure different factors of your snoring and suggest remedies for your specific needs. SnoreLab offers other features to help you become a better sleeper such as sleep sounds and alarms.

Sleep Check

Check for sleep apnea without having to go to a sleep lab. Just open this app, fall asleep, and it will do the rest. This app will never share your personal data or sleep recordings either. Sleep Check understands that there is much more behind snoring than just making funny noises when you slumber.

Infant Sleep Tracking Apps


“Huckleberry pairs pediatric sleep experts with AI to create a custom sleep plan with your unique family in mind.” This free app also has paid options/upgrades based on your family’s needs. Huckleberry’s aim is to help both babies and parents sleep well.


Schedule, track, and above all, improve your baby’s sleep. This app will help you determine an ideal sleep schedule based on your baby’s natural rhythms. Other features such as soothing sleep sounds and a built-in baby monitor are included as well.

Wearable Sleep Tracking: Smart Watches

sleep tracking apps


Smartwatches have become increasingly popular for tracking sleep and general health as their capabilities continue to expand and improve. Fitbit was one of the first smartwatches geared towards health and wellbeing, which naturally resulted in the digital health tracking trend. One attribute of Fitbit that makes it ideal for sleep tracking is its longer battery life than Apple Watch, so you won’t have to charge as long between periods of sleep. We’re big fans of the sleek design of the Fitbit Luxe, but there are several options you can pick from based on your fitness and sleep tracking needs. Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and more when you sleep. It also measures your sleep quality.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch wasn’t created solely for health tracking, but its capabilities are competitive with other health and sleep trackers. While this wearable tracker doesn’t provide as much detail as some others, the information it does give is incredibly accurate. This smartwatch even has Wind Down Shortcuts that can help prepare you for bedtime by turning off the watch face display, limiting notifications, and helping you disconnect from electronics before bed.

Sleep Tracking for Wellness

Have you tried tracking your sleep tracking before? Do you have any tips/tricks for sleeping well? Share this article and your best tips with the people you love!

And if you’re looking for some relaxation apps to help you sleep, check out this article on the Best Relaxation Apps for Wellness!

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