The Best Pool Toys to Enjoy This Summer

For many families, summer means time by the pool! Time spent by the swimming pool is not all about swimming. Some pool toys for the water are a must, especially if you have an in-ground pool.

While it’s fun to simply splash and float in the swimming pool, fun pool toys can help elevate your summer! Whether you prefer inflatables, games, or toys that float, we have perfect suggestions to make sure you have fun in the pool this summer. Dive in!

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The Best Toys for Swimming Pool Fun

Fun pool toys are a must for spending time in the water!

Classic pool toys are classic for a reason and will provide a punch. Look for diving rings, pool noodles, toys that float, and games for the pool. “Toypedo” diving pool toys that look like torpedoes challenge kids to get to the bottom of the pool to retrieve their toy. These keep kids moving while having fun.

If you don’t have any pool toys on hand when kids stop by, don’t panic! Anything floating on the water makes an instant swimming pool toy. A water-themed toy like a shark or ducky is perfect, but anything floating will do! To make sure nothing gets lost, get a waterproof storage bag for your pool toys when not in use.

Fun Pool Toys and Games for the Water

GoSports pool basketball hoop with balls is the perfect choice for any family who does not need a basketball court to enjoy the sport. The GoSports set comes with a pump for the inflatable, floating balls.

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings is a fun way to encourage kids to swim underwater.  These are big hoops or rings that are large enough for kids to swim through. They provide great motivation for kids who don’t yet love swimming underwater.

CrossNet Volleyball net for the pool is another fun ball game that will keep everyone happy in the pool even when they are finished swimming.

Fantastic Pool Floats

Pool floats are a staple of swimming pools for good reason. Luckily there is something for everyone who loves floating! Whether narwhals, flamingos, or seahorses are your favorite, you will find a water toy and pool float you love!

For adventurous pool-goers and children 12 and up, try an Intex Inflat-A-Bull. This pool float is an inflatable ride-on bull made with Intex quality. It’s perfect for anyone who dreams of riding the bulls in Spain!BigMouth makes the most fun pool floats around. Their themes range from aliens to giant inflatable animalsJOYIN has fun themes like glitter unicorns and pirate boats.If you swim at night, check out a Pool Candy light-up pool tube to make your pool glow!If in doubt, a simple pool swimming pool noodle works great as a lounger or pool float as well!

Poolside Toys

Kids have to get out of the pool eventually! When it’s time to take a swim break, have some games ready to play on dry land. Since kids are wet anyway, get some water guns to keep the kids moving. A giant inflatable ball like a fun watermelon ball that is inflatable is a great choice! A big beach ball can be used on land, at the beach, or in the pool. Just about any outdoor toys are fun to keep by the pool. Water balloons are also a great idea for kids who are already wet!

Inflatable Pools

Don’t have an in-ground swimming pool filled with water? Don’t worry. Inflatable pools can be almost as fun. Intex is a trusted name in durable, inflatable, and blow-up pools in all sizes. These are also great for babies and toddlers or anyone in an age group that is not full of strong swimmers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, families everywhere realized how much fun even small inflatable pools can be – even for adults! They can also bring a taste of the beach to your backyard.

Relax in the Pool

A pool lounger is the perfect way to relax to the max in the swimming pool.SwimWays inflatable pool floats make it easier to relax in the pool because they inflate and deflate quickly. SwimLine makes great loungers that even come with cupholders.

There is a lot more to do in the pool besides swim! Whether you prefer diving underwater, tossing beach balls, swimming, splashing, or lounging on a raft, the perfect fun pool toy exists for you! If you don’t have a pool in your yard, check out whether your local rec center allows water toys.

Many of these pool toys have free shipping and one-day delivery, so there is no need to wait to start having more fun in the water! View items, then plan your perfect summer! While you are shopping, be sure to add a splash screen for your phone!

With the right water toys, your pool will become your oasis.

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