30 June 2021 (updated)

Patriotic Pups: 11 Adorable Fourth of July Dogs

Break out your stars and stripes and red, white, and blue! These Fourth of July dogs are tough competition!

We know you guys love to see a dog in a costume. If you don't, we may be able to change your mind. Fortunately, we've got some adorable pups who are decked out in Uncle Sam's finest Fourth of July costumes for Independence Day. Check out these dogs who are definitely proud to be an American.

Fourth of July Dogs You've Got to See Right Now

1. All A"bow"t those stars and stripes: This good doggo is sure to make a statement-- a fashion statement that is.

Photo Credit: @hava.mila

2. Patriotic Pals: 4th of July means family gatherings, but more importantly, pup gatherings.

Photo Credit: @fielderson_home

3. The Regal Gentleman: This guy looks like he wants YOU to join the army, or at the very least, join him in a rousing chorus of "You're a Grand Old Flag."

Photo Credit: darkstormnorm

4. Party Animal: I'm definitely inviting this husky to my next party! I bet he can mix up some great 4th of July drinks.

Photo Credit: @kyzerthehuskey

5. The Throwback: This guy is giving off major "Rex-Kwon-do" vibes...or maybe John Lennon? Either way, we're here for it.

Photo Credit: @winniesbigworld

6. Dressed to the Nines: Not sure what she's thinking about, but I'm sure it's along the lines of "America" and "vogue."

Photo Credit: @naeyathechihuahua

7. Tutu Cute: "My Country 'tis of thee, sweet land of toys and treats, of thee I sing!" We love the tutu. And the bandana. Okay, we love it all.

Photo Credit: @eleanormavisshanks

8. Fabulous, Furry, and Fantastic: "There's no outfit a festive boa can't fix" --me, 2021.

Photo Credit; @pupsonpar

9. Delightful and Dapper: This pup looks like she was born to rock an American flag hat. What's more patriotic than a Boston Terrier in red, white, and blue?

Photo Credit: @telula_the_boston

10. One Cool Corgi: This "Americorgi" looks like he's staying cool in his patriotic popsicle shirt! Who needs a collar when you can have star garland?

Photo Credit: raynorthecorgidog

11. Sweets for the sweet: Cooper is loving this sweet treat! Oh to be a dog on the 4th of July eating a popsicle without a care in the world...

Photo Credit: evas_dogo_cooper

Get Your Fourth of July Dogs Ready!

Listen, the competition out there is tough. And maybe you have a dog who's a little more... resistant to being dressed in something adorable and patriotic. I can't imagine why... don't they know how cute they are? That's okay. Dog costumes aren't for everyone. For some, a patriotic dog collar may be just enough to feel festive.

Whether or not you dress up your dog, spend Independence Day with your furry pet friends, family, and the ones you love! And be sure to share your favorite memories on FamilyApp!

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