All About Itty Bitty: the Friendly Brussels Griffon

Itty bitty the Brussels Griffon

Itty Bitty or better known as Itty, really is an itty-bitty dog. Though small, this Brussels Griffon makes up for her size with a big personality. Read on to learn all about Itty Bitty’s big adventures.

Meet Itty the Brussels Griffon

I have been with my family for a while now and love cuddles, playing in the yard or pool, and eating tasty snacks. Brussels Griffons are great dogs (and I’m not just saying that). While they are rare, many need good homes. American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance and the National Brussels Griffon Rescue are two organizations that help place Griffs across the U.S. with amazing families. So, isn’t it time you welcomed a tiny bearded crotch-nesting ewok into your home?

How did your owner know you were “the one”?

When I started running around in circles and chewing my papa’s shoelaces.

How long have you been together?

9 years.

A Few of Her Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Things

What’s your favorite toy?

I love my Ruffwear treat toy. It’s like a kong, but I like the shape better.

What’s your favorite food?


What’s your greatest fear?

My sister WaWa’s ( the family baby) grabby fingers. Haha. JK – I don’t like to be left alone a lot.

What are some of your favorite things to do that make your owner upset?

Pee on bathroom rugs – sorry, not sorry!

What’s your favorite way to exercise?

Swimming! I love the water and jump off dock’s into my parent’s pond in the Catskills. I also love the pool.

Do you let your owner dress you up? If so, what’s your favorite outfit? (show photo if you have one)

Yep. I’m pretty darn good at it. My Halloween costumes are pretty epic. I was Sandy from Grease one year, which was fun.

What’s your favorite treat?

I like liver treats, but I don’t get them often because I’m diabetic, so I’m only supposed to have two meals a day.

What’s your favorite place to visit?

I love coming to Williamsburg, VA, to visit my friend Finn (a black lab) and swim in the James River.

What’s your favorite napping spot?

Papa’s “nest” – aka his lap.

How old are you?

I’m 9 and will be 10 this fall.

All About the Brussels Griffon Breed

Why do you think someone should get a Brussels Griffon?

I think people should do research before getting a Griff. They may not be for everyone. They’re called “shadow dogs” and like to be with you all the time – they will follow you around like a shadow. If you aren’t home a lot, it may not be the best fit! They also might not be the best around small kids, though generally really friendly. I think they’re unique and have a “big dog” attitude in a compact, travel-friendly size. I’ll probably always have one.

What is the temperament and energy level of a Brussels Griffon?

It’s funny because all are a little different. Itty has medium energy; she was a good apartment dog but also loves to swim and hike. They have human-like expressions and so much personality.

How big are Brussels Griffons?

They vary, but most are 8-12lbs. Itty is around 11lbs.

Training and Personality

Do you think Brussels Griffons are a good family breed?

They’re probably best suited for people with older children who know how to be gentle, but overall they’re awesome and friendly dogs. A great fit for the right family!

Do Brussels Griffons get along well with other pets? Does Itty?

Yes, I’d say so. Itty gets along well with everyone and loves other dogs.

How have you trained Itty? Is the Brussels Griffon breed good with training?

Ha! Well, she’s somewhat well trained, but because she was so small, we didn’t emphasize strict training as much as we would if we had a big dog. That’s our fault! They’re eager to please, though a bit stubborn, and would adapt to training.

Why do you think Brussels Griffons are amazing? (Especially Itty)

They’re just so dang cute and funny. Above all, they have so much personality, and they have so much expression on their little grump faces. I love all griffs so much, but Itty is so special because she’s my first dog (not counting family pets growing up). She’s like a daughter to me, truly. We take her everywhere, and she’s really adaptable. She’s friendly and funny, and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Itty: Your Small, Adorable Best Friend

Itty is living life to the fullest with her new baby sister, mom, and family. This friendly pup inspires us to be a good companion to others and to be ourselves no matter what! Keep up with Itty on Instagram @ittystagram. And read more pet features and articles at FamilyApp Pet on the Street.

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