Northwest Naturals: Generations of Raw Pet Food

Based in Portland, Oregon, Northwest Naturals is known for its raw freeze-dried and frozen pet meals and treats. Morasch Meats, owners of Northwest Naturals, has been family-owned since 1956. Brothers Michael and Steven Morasch work very closely with the Morasch private labels, including Northwest Naturals. Read on to learn more about the family who started it all!

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Generations of Hard Work and Quality Meats

The Morasch story begins with their father, Mel Morasch. He started the Morasch Meats food business back in 1956 after having worked for Bonneville Power Admin. as a physicist. The Morasch children were his original cheap labor growing up doing all of the various functions in the business.  Working with family has been natural from that start.

Mel’s children started helping with the business from the time they were 7 and 8 years old. They quickly learned the value of work and earning money. This appreciation for hard work has influenced the way Michael and Steven run the business today.  They take after their father’s dedication. Mel came to work 6 days a week until he was 94 years old. He would always say, “Work is a part of life.”  The Morasch companies are growing fast (Morasch Meats, Pressure Safe Inc, and Northwest Naturals). As a result, Michael and Steven have chosen to live closer to work so they do not waste time commuting.

Meet the Brothers: Michael and Steven

The Morasches all have differences, but they rely on each other and appreciate one another’s strengths in the workplace.  The running joke in the company is that Michael is “ cranky “ and Steven is “ impatient.”  They invest a lot of time into the business but find ways to make work fun and enjoyable.

The Northwest Naturals Difference:

The Morasches take great pride in the people they work with, whether employees, vendors, or even the FedEx driver. They love helping, and they love teaching. They all have strong family values and carry that same philosophy into the workplace.

On top of family values, Northwest Naturals produces pet food best suited for your four-legged friend’s digestion. Their cat and dog food is raw, balanced, and formulated to meet their specific needs. Their website is full of information and guides on transitioning your pet to a healthier raw diet. They stand behind science in encouraging pet owners to use raw food. Raw pet food contains important enzymes, amino acids, and intracellular moisture that cooked dog food cannot compete with. Morasch Meats was the first facility to produce pet food with the same USDA health guidelines for human food. Northwest Naturals now has their accreditation with Pet Sustainability Coalition. Not only do they use the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing process, but they also actively care for the environment. They have recycling and energy-efficient programs, so customers can be assured they are supporting an environmentally friendly business.

Life Outside of the Family Business

Both Steven and Michael enjoy playing golf when time allows. Steven also enjoys walking, grandkids, and an occasional swim when the weather allows. Their kids grew up around the business and continue to serve their pets Northwest Naturals!

Find Northwest Naturals products near you using their store locator, and be sure to keep up with them on Instagram and Facebook.

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