All About Arlo: The Adorable California Corgi

Arlo the California Corgi on the beach at Sunset - FamilyApp Pet feature

Arlo is a smart, sassy, and loyal Pembroke Welsh corgi who resides with his dog-parents in California. Read on to get an inside look into the life of an adorable adventurous California corgi.

Meet Arlo the California Corgi

My name is Arlo, and my parents call me Low for my nickname. Low because it is short for Arlo and because I am low to the ground. I am a red-headed tri-color Pembroke Welsh corgi! I was born on November 11th, 2019, and I had 5 other siblings, but I only know one of my siblings, Luna. Even though I am longer than normal corgis, I still look skinny!

How did your owner know you were “the one”?
My parents knew I was the one because when they came to meet me 3 weeks before picking me up, I was in a room with my siblings. When my corgi mom walked into the room, I ran straight towards her. Corgmom wasn’t allowed to touch me yet, but she knew immediately that I was the one.

How long have you been together?

I have been with my parents since January 5th, 2020, and it has been such a fun adventure! There is not a day that goes by where we would want it any other way.

What’s your favorite toy?

My favorite toy is anything that has a loud squeaker. I love to squeak it all night to keep my parents up, and they usually give in and play with me.

What’s your favorite food?
My favorite food is chicken, but I like to call it “chimken.” I also really love all berries; my drool is uncontrollable when you take these food items out!

What’s your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is when my corgi mom leaves me. I do not like her out of my sight because I must protect her at all costs. I fear when things are out of place. I don’t like seeing a random trash can out of nowhere (little does he know it’s trash day). Surprises are not my best friend either; I get scared too easily.

Favorite famous animal?
My favorite animal is anything that has to do with dinosaurs!

What’s your favorite game?
My favorite game is when my parents tug on a toy with me or play fetch. I have a dog sudoku game that keeps me busy, entertained, and enriched throughout the day. I recommend this to all dog parents because it is a fun and easy way to keep your dog entertained for a little.

Favorite animal movie/tv show?

My favorite animal movie is The Good Dinosaur. I love how they portray the main character while having a great deal of character development.

California Corgi Habits

What are some of your favorite things to do that make your owner upset?
I love to eat anything and everything off the ground so much that sometimes I get too sick. I also love to jump on my parents with all my weight when they are lying down. It may hurt them a lot, but I am just showing them how much I love them!

What’s your favorite way to exercise?
My favorite way to exercise is when my parents take me out to play with my fetch it by chuck-it toys. If we don’t play with my toys, I love going on a walk on the beach. The sand feels good on my paws! Swimming is also another way I love to exercise. If you put a body of water in front of me, just know I will jump in!

Strangest habit?
When my parents stop petting me, I get mad! I am also the neighborhood sprinkler watch; I love to attack those sprinklers and make sure they are back into the ground.

California Corgi Life

Do you let your owner dress you up? If so, what’s your favorite outfit? 
I sometimes let my corgi-mom dress me up, but it is hard to find clothes sometimes because I am such a long dog. The larges are too big for my body, but lengthwise it is perfect! I do love hats, though!

What’s your favorite treat?
My favorite treat is strawberries or any berries. Honestly, I love all treats! I am very food motivated.

What’s your favorite place to visit?
My favorite place to visit is anywhere with a beach or body of water! I love swimming and am not afraid of the waves. I go straight into the water and will jump in your pool, so watch out!

What’s your favorite napping spot?
In my corgi-mom’s arms or next to her. I never want to leave her side! But, if she is not home, I like to nap where it is cool.

How old are you?
I am 1 year and 6 months!

All About the Welsh Corgi Breed

What are some pros and cons about Corgis?
Corgis are the best because they are not too big and not too small. They still have a lot of energy but also know how to relax when it is time. They love to play and cuddle and are very loyal to their owners. Corgis would be a perfect family dog. Just make sure to be ready for the corgi glitter (corgi fur)! We take pride in Arlo’s corgi glitter because that is a part of him. If you do not like dog hair, then a Corgi is probably not for you!

What is the temperament and energy level of a Corgi?
Corgis are natural herding dogs, so they are loud and proud! Corgis bark because they want to protect, but Arlo honestly does not bark too much unless something startles him. They are high-energy dogs, and they do want to play, but they also know when it is time to relax and be calm. Corgis are not naturally aggressive breeds and will not usually be the ones to start a fight. They are bold, smart, playful, outgoing, and protective you could not go wrong with a corgi!

How big are Corgis typically?
Corgis vary in size and length! A typical female will weigh around 21-29 pounds, while a male weighs 22-31 pounds. They have long bodies, so sometimes it is hard to find clothes for them. Their legs are short, and corgis are close to the ground.

Training and Personality With Arlo the California Corgi

Do corgis get along well with other pets? Does Arlo?
It depends on the corgi, to be honest. We have run into about two aggressive corgis that I remember, but we have also met about 500 other corgis who play amazing with each other! I would generally say that corgis do get along with other pets; they love to play. Arlo loves all dogs and will never say no to playing with them. He is usually the one to be submissive and lets the other dogs make the first move. One of the photos below is of Arlo and his big sister, Luna!

How have you trained Arlo? Is the Corgi breed typically good with training?
Yes, we have trained Arlo! Corgis are very food motivated, so it was easy and quick for him to learn all the ropes. He does like to be the leader of the pack, so he pulls on the leash a lot (we are still working on it!) They are very smart and sassy; they know what they want! He caught on really quickly to all of our commands and still does them perfectly!

Corgi Family Life

Do you think Corgis are a good family breed?
Corgis are a perfect family breed. They are not too big, but they have the energy to play for a long time. They will always be down to play fetch or have an interactive toy if you need to focus on anything else. When it is time to relax, they will be able to relax. When it is time to play, they will be ready to play! I would be wary of houses with a lot of stairs because their hips are prone to getting hip dysplasia.

Why do you think Corgis are amazing? (Especially Arlo)
Corgis have been my favorite dog breed since the day I saw my first corgi. They always look so happy and are so low to the ground! Corgis are still very active but know when it is time to relax. The corgi community is also unmatched; I have met so many best friends and new puppies who will be in our lives forever!

Arlo the Adorable California Corgi

Arlo is living life to the fullest with his mom, dog friends, and family. This friendly California corgi inspires us to be loyal, adventurous and reminds us to indulge in a treat or two from time to time! Keep up with Arlo on Instagram @arlotheecorgi. And read more pet features and articles at FamilyApp Pet on the Street.

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