5 Places for Fall Fitness in Hampton Roads

ideas for fitness in fall

It’s officially fall, but summer temperatures are still lingering on here in Hampton Roads. So I like to make the most of these fall fitness opportunities while the weather is just right.

Time for Fall Fitness

This is my favorite time of year to exercise and in fact, I prefer to do it outside in nature. Between our beaches and trails, Hampton Roads provides many places for you to enjoy your fall fitness. Here are my recommendations for getting out around town.

Fall Fitness at the Brock Environmental Center, Virginia Beach

A favorite for athletes of all disciplines. The beautifully naturalistic grounds provide a superb setting for those looking to meditate, practice yoga, run, or paddle. My clients and I particularly like it as the setting for a full-body strength training session.

With easy parking, a beach area is a short walk down the path. While running on the sand, you can enjoy a view of the Virginia Beach Town Center skyline. If higher ground is your thing, the new and improved Lesner Bridge is nearby. Within minutes, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay and newly dedicated art installation, The Canoes. Simply a  perfect place for some fall fitness.

First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach – Fall Fitness Hot Spot

If watching the leaves change is a favorite fall activity and you are a sucker for crunching leaves under your feet, this is the place for you. Favored by singles, families with children, and dog walkers, the park offers it all for fall fitness.

You can find flat trails to sandhills and even views of the water. It is open to pedestrians and bike traffic. The First Landing State Park is a gorgeous spot all year long, but the mirage of colors is a fantastic local spot for observing the fall foliage. 

Great for Fall Fitness: The Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk may seem like a place strictly for summer fun to you, but we locals know it is best in the fall when we get to take back our beach. Little crowds, cooler sea breezes, and all the restaurants are full of football screens and post-workout libations! My recommendation is to grab your bike or your sneakers and head to the beach for a fall fitness session!

Boardwalk, King Neptune

Town Point Park, Norfolk – Fall Fitness on the Grass

Town Point Park is ideal for those working in Downtown Norfolk but equally enjoyable for any fall fitness outdoor enthusiasts. It offers up green space in a city scene. With parking garages easily accessible nearby, you can walk, run, or meditate with a fabulous view of the Elizabeth River.  

If you happen to work in one of the downtown offices, you can enjoy a lunchtime walk through the grassy park or nearby Waterside. Be sure to take a moment and enjoy the view of nearby Portsmouth or the locally docked USS Wisconsin.

Fall Fitness On The Dismal Swamp Trail, Chesapeake

This paved trail way is perfect for those looking to get in some long, uninterrupted miles by foot or bike. This particular area of Chesapeake is closed to traffic and makes for a safe path to train. Located in a southern, rural section of the city and it is common to see wildlife while there. This 8+ mile trail is a favorite for marathoners and triathletes for training.

Where’s Your Favorite Place for Fall Fitness?

There are so many gorgeous places for fall fitness in Hampton Roads! What’s your favorite? Be sure to share fall fitness photos with friends and family on FamilyApp!

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