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The beach might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of outdoor activities in the winter. But there are winter beach activities to enjoy, too! Check our ideas for family time on the beach in the cold season, here!

When winter arrives, most people would rather hide indoors in front of the television or a roaring fire. There may be plenty of indoor activities, but fresh air can be good even if it’s cold! Instead of spending the colder months inside, you may want to try some beach activities in winter. You may not be aware of it, but there’s more to the beach than hanging out in the sand during summertime! So we collected a list of our favorite family activities for the beach in winter.

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Winter Beach Activities On A Budget

The beach is one of the best places for outdoor recreation. Families with children will also enjoy watching the changing of the seasons here as they are completely different from, say, the woods. Enjoy the following low-key activities to spend time at the beach without getting in the water.

1. Start a Beachside Bonfire

The beach may be best in summer, but there are beach activities in winter as well to keep you warm! Instead of heading for the water, meet up with some friends and bring warm blankets for sitting in the sand. You can enjoy hot beverages, a campfire, and seawater from a different vantage point. Just make sure you’re in a part of the beach that’s zoned for campfires!

2. Try a Treasure Hunt 

There are few things more relaxing than a walk on the beach. But, you might want to pair that with a bit of a treasure hunt for added fun! You can search for seashells, or bring along a metal detector. Maybe there are also some nearby Geocaches that just wait for you to be logged. Whatever you and your family decide, you may find some pretty unique items!

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Playing At The Beach In Winter

If you’re looking for recreation by the sea without getting wet, there are many winter beach activities for you. Whether it’s a game of catch or flying a kite, these fun things will have you winter beach bound!

3. Take Out the Kite 

Kiting might seem like the kind of thing that’s more fun in the summertime. However, this can be a great way to enjoy the beach on a cool, windy day! Fortunately, the bright colors of a kite and getting it airborne may cheer the whole family up.

4. Ball Games on the Beach

There are many designated beach volleyball nets in the summertime. Fortunately, when it comes to the winter months, you don’t have to stay in the lines to play ball! Whether you play football, volleyball or another sport, winter beach activities will keep the cold away.

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Winter Beach Activities To Do In The Ocean

If you’re brave enough to get in the water, you probably won’t want to swim. Fortunately, there are a few winter beach activities that will provide a different thrill.

Get Out the Fishing Rod 

There are many places in the Virginia Beach area where you can throw a line and catch your dinner. In fact, the area has between 70 and 90 percent of the world’s rockfish! It may be cool outside, but teaching your kids to fish with the family can make for a memorable experience.

Surf in the Sea

Winter surfing requires a wetsuit, but it’s among the best beach activities around! Get out the all-terrain board for some surfing, whether you go alone or teach your little one. It may be hard work, but it can make you a power paddler. And, you’ll have earned hot cocoa after! For a little more adventure, you may even want to give kite surfing a try.

After the bathing suit has been put away and the temperature drops, most people stay away from the beach. But, there are many winter beach activities for your family that can keep you close to the water. Do you have a favorite beach bound winter sport? Let us know in our comments. Whether you surf, fish or fly a kite, there’s something to be said for the beach in winter!

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