Baby’s First Christmas: The Best Gifts and Holiday Traditions!

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

There are lots of great ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas. Whether you purchase an ornament or visit Santa Claus, it’s a season of magic you won’t soon forget!

Read on for some great traditions and gift ideas for your child’s first Christmas!

The holiday season can feel like a lot. But that doesn’t mean a baby’s first Christmas should cost a lot of money or take up too much time. It can be as simple as spending some special time together! Share your tips with other parents for commemorating your little one’s first holiday on your favorite family app.

What Should You Get a Baby for Their First Christmas?

When it comes to what Christmas gifts to get your littlest one for their very first Christmas, there are no wrong answers. But it’s a great time to get a personalized keepsake since it’s more of a gift for you than your babe. You want to give them a gift that will remind them of traditions when they’re older. Whether you decide on a special book or holiday stocking, it will surely bring back reminders of Christmas’s past!Here are a few of our favorites. Share your best gift ideas with other parents on FamilyApp!

  • Matching Pajamas – Celebrate the holiday season with a matching pair of pajamas for one of the best baby’s first Christmas ideas! Not only can you get cozy in front of the fireplace, but a matching set can also make for some great photographs.
  • A Baby Book – Bedtime stories are an important part of a newborn’s life. For that reason, why not use Christmas as a time to enjoy a baby book with a special holiday tale? Whether you spring for How the Grinch Stole Christmas or The Polar Express, it’s a tradition you’ll come back to!
  • An Ornament – There’s nothing like adding a special ornament to the Christmas tree to make a future Christmas bright! Whether you buy the ornament or make it together, a baby’s first Christmas ornament is ideal for the holidays.

What Are the Best Toys for Baby’s First Christmas?

While your baby boy or girl will probably be more enthralled by the box and paper than what’s inside, there are plenty of fun educational toys they’ll cherish. Here are a few of our favorite toys.

  • Corolle Baby Doll: This doll is just the right size for your baby girl or boy to hug and carry around. If your little one loves bath time, you can even get them a waterproof doll who can join in on the fun.  
  • Kidpik Wooden Blocks: This classic toy isn’t just beautiful, but also offers a lot of sensory benefits with the different colors and textures within the blocks. 
  • Grimm’s Six Piece Rainbow Stacker: This stacking rainbow toy looks great in the nursery and helps your growing child start honing their motor skills. 
  • Waddle Bobbers Bath Toy: This adorable slide for bobble penguins helps make bath time especially fun! 
  • Ball Pit: What toy do you get your budding adventurer? A ball pit is an entertaining and fun way to stay entertained for hours.

What Can I Do to Make My Baby’s First Christmas Really Special?

You’ll never be able to relive the memories of your baby’s first Christmas. That’s why it’s so important to make it special the first time around! So here are some ideas that go beyond exchanging gifts.

  • Make a Memorable Handprint – Your little one is going to keep on growing, so best preserve the memories now! You can make a memento of their handprint or footprint by pressing it into a mix of flour, salt, and water. Share your own keepsake ideas with others on your favorite family app!
  • Map Their Height – In addition to getting bigger, your baby’s going to be getting a lot taller, too! If you have a special height calendar, be sure to measure them around the holidays. Otherwise, get a ribbon or a roll of paper to show how much they’ve grown!
  • Take a Picture – A picture is worth a thousand words. So, what better way to remember their first Christmas than with a family picture? Put it on an ornament to remember for years to come. You may even want one of your baby’s first Christmas activities to be a pic with Santa Claus!

There’s nothing like the first Christmas that you will share with your little one. Whether you take them to visit Santa or buy a personalized baby’s 1st Christmas decorative ornament, it’s an occasion worth celebrating! Do you have any ideas for what to do for their first year? Share your ideas with other new parents in our comments. From new traditions to fabulous gifts, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season!

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