Trim Healthy Mama meal plan and lifestyle

There are so many diets that it can be hard to know what will work. Fortunately, Trim Healthy Mama offers a lifestyle shift that just might do your body good!

There are plenty of diets out there to choose from, and many emphasize different things like protein, salad or fat. But, the key to success can mean taking a different approach, and that’s where Trim Healthy Mama (THM) comes in! This diet might not be revolutionary, but it does prioritize lifestyle change over dieting ethos. If you’re looking for a healthy meal plan that won’t deny you the joy of food, it could be for you.

What Is the Trim Healthy Mama Diet?

Despite the name, this healthy meal plan isn’t just for mamas. THM started when sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison self-published a diet book back in 2012. While Barrett wanted to lose weight, Allison needed to switch to a diet that didn’t leave her feeling bloated. Even though they’re not registered dietitians, their focus on carbs and fats has proven successful for many people. In 2015, the book was re-published by Penguin Random House. They also published The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook containing their favorite recipes for meals and snacks.

In their book, sisters Pearl and Serene talk about their own journeys with nutrition, health, and weight loss. Both of them tried (and failed) different eating styles and finally created their own concept after consulting scientific results of research as well as the Bible. So in addition to following the Bible’s moral principles, they also used it as a foundation for their nutrition and wellness. For them, crafting the THM plan was like a natural part of their faith-based lifestyles.

trim healthy mama planWhy Trim Healthy Mama Works – Understanding the THM Meal Plan

That’s the reason why they call their program “A Biblical Approach to Food Freedom”. It’s not as much about food restrictions as it is food freedom– so instead of being a slave to food, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Trim Healthy Mama basics are all about reducing insulin spikes in the body. This process doesn’t require the calorie counting that a lot of diets do. Instead, you can keep your insulin balanced by doing things like:

  •     eating a snack or meal every three hours
  •     eating both fats and carbohydrates, but never in the same meal
  •     avoiding foods with added sugar

While this meal plan worked for the authors of THM, it is more of a lifestyle than a diet. In order to see the best results from the diet, those who embark on it may need to commit long term. Luckily, one of its benefits is that you don’t have to skip out on the foods you love! You can have oatmeal or steak or fruit if you please by using your favorite Trim Healthy Mama recipes. You may even want to get ideas from others on a family app! The only thing you should avoid is refined sugar, so if you love desserts you may want to choose Stevia instead.

antioxidants in foodHow Do You Do Trim Healthy Mama Without the Book?

With all the online resources available, you don’t have to buy a book to do the Trim Healthy Mama Plan! There are lots of great online Facebook groups for accountability, and great Pinterest boards chock full of THM recipe ideas. So it’s easy to start cooking some of the delicious foods that fall within the THM framework.

You may even want to share your ideas for snacks and meals with others on a family app. However, it’s worth being aware that this weight loss diet involves plenty of food prep. It’s also important to be aware that you shouldn’t use this diet if you have diabetes or low blood sugar.

There are plenty of diets out there that are all the rage, and they change from year to year. But a lifestyle change can be the kind of thing that alters your diet and your life! So whether you’re using the Trim Healthy Mama book or listen to the Trim Healthy Mama podcast, this plan might be for you!

Do you have a favorite diet or any healthy eating tips and tricks to share? Let everyone know in our comments. If THM is the right plan for you, you’re on your way to a menu plan that will really stick!

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