Hot Air Balloon Ride: See the World from New Heights

When to drive with a hot air balloon?

Up, up and away! Hot air ballooning is an event for your whole family. Discover the earth from the bird’s-eye view with a hot air balloon ride.

How Does A Hot Air Balloon Work?

The simplest way to understand how a hot air balloon works is to compare it to a floating boat: A boat floats due to the water beneath it. The weight of the boat is pulling it downward, but the pressure of the water is pushing upward. Both the weight of the boat and the pressure of the water are exactly counterbalanced.

A boat never floats perfectly on the water surface, but it only sinks partly into the water depending on how heavy it is. So, the bigger the boat, the bigger the area of water beneath it. Bigger boats also have a greater force of water pressure pushing upward on it.

In other words: An object can float if it’s less dense than water. The same theory is used for a balloon: the hot air in the balloon is less dense than the colder air outside. That`s why the hot air balloon can fly.

Where Can I Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride?

There are many companies offering hot air balloon rides all over the world, from companies like Coastal Balloon Rides in Virginia Beach to the Himalayan Mountains. You can enjoy your ride in a shared group with your family and closet friends. Your hot air balloon ride is a fantastic place to take gorgeous photos you can share with loved ones on FamilyApp!

The basket sizes range from 4 to 10 people. It’s also possible to book a private balloon ride. It’s the perfect romantic atmosphere for you and your partner!

Hot air balloon festivals throughout the U.S. are events are made for the whole family. Imagine you can see the earth from the perspective of a bird’s eye while you are surrounded by many colored balloons. It feels like a beautiful dream.

Hot Air Balloon – Children Are Welcome!

Also, your children will love the exciting adventure of a hot air balloon ride. But there are two important things to remember. First, your kid should be at least six years old. Second, they need to be six inches taller than the basket. Otherwise, they won’t be able to see anything. Ask your provider for more restrictions and info.

The Right Clothes For A Balloon Ride

You may be wondering what to wear during a hot air balloon ride. A good rule of thumb for clothing before hot air ballooning is to imagine standing beside a campfire. Consider how you would handle that kind of heat. Due to the balloon’s burners and the open flame, it is very warm during the flight. You should also think of sensible shoes because you’ll be on your feet for the entire ballooning experience – this can be about one hour depending on the outside temperature and the weight carried.

When to Travel in a Hot Air Balloon?

Ballooning is possible year-round. The best weather conditions for ballooning are just after sunrise or two or three hours before sunset. Unfortunately, ballooning isn’t possible on bad weather or windy days.

All in all, hot air ballooning is the perfect activity for you and your family. So, it’s time for flying up, up, and away! And don’t be afraid if you have any fear of heights. A hot air balloon ride might even cure you of this fear. Just try it!

Have you ridden in a hot air balloon before? Tell us about your experience or share your pictures with your family and friends in our FamilyApp.

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