The Writers’ Great Cookie Bake-Off

Cookie Bake-Off: Competition for the best Recipe

Two recipes. Two writers. One winner. Read on to learn about our highly-competitive mission to determine whose cookie recipe comes out on top. This is the Writer’s Great Cookie Bake-Off!

Hey, there! Jayne and Cole, here! Remember us? We had a pretty intense thrift store outfit showdown last time we spoke. We’ve since come to terms with the fact that one of us won, but we won’t say who. We’ve worked through it. This time, we’re putting our baking skills to the test with cookies.

Cookies are such a crowd-pleasing dessert, and we can all agree that eating a scoop or two of cookie dough is half the experience. (If the FDA is reading this, as we’re sure they are, we do not endorse eating raw cookie dough. Eat at your own risk.)

While cookies typically have certain essential ingredients like brown sugar, salted butter, and all-purpose flour, their versatility is what makes them such a fantastic dessert. Whether vanilla, chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, or sugar cookies, one thing is for sure: homemade will beat store-bought any day.

May the Best Recipe Win the Cookie Bake-Off

We talked about doing a “Chopped-style” bake-off. However, since neither of us is a professional, we figured adding a wild ingredient like “Hedgehog mushrooms” into our chocolate chip cookie recipe may not be pleasing to anyone.

So, we decided to go with an old-fashioned cookie bake-off with a taste test. Cole decided to make white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and Jayne made oatmeal chocolate chip. Whoever can make the best cookies will not only be declared the winner but their recipe will be deemed superior. So, there’s a lot at stake here.

Cookie Bake-Off: What Makes the Best Cookie?

Here’s the big question in the cookie-baking world: what makes a good cookie? Unfortunately, with such a subjective question, the answer is complicated. It all depends on your definition of what makes the perfect cookie. We narrowed it down to some categories, and they are as follows:

-Flavor: Participants commented that both cookie recipes had a great flavor. For the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, it can be noted based on participant feedback that there could have been more white chocolate. If you try this recipe, feel free to add more nuts and white chocolate to your own taste!

-Crispy-to-soft ratio: Jayne’s cookies definitely came out on top in this category.

-Size: Cole definitely had larger cookies, but does cookie size really matter?

One tip for making the perfect batch of cookies is using small, ice cream scoop-sized portions of dough on your baking sheet. This will make uniform cookies that will bake evenly. Another tip is to use parchment paper. This always ensures easy transfer from the baking sheet and you’ll never get a crumbly cookie. Finally, we recommend chilling the dough. This prevents the cookies from spreading out too thin and maintains a soft, gooey center.

Cookie Bake-off: Who Makes the Best Cookie?

Aside from first thoughts, we asked for a 0-10 score rating from each of our eight taste testers (see below). Other factors included appearance, texture, and temperature. Since Jayne’s were a few hours fresher, her cookies were a bit warmer than Cole’s. But for the sake of uniformity, we stuck to the 10 point scale to give us measurable data.

Jayne’s combined score: 62.2/80, for a grand total of 78% approval.Cole’s combined score: 44.1/80, for a grand total of 55% approval.

The verdict: While Cole’s delicious flavor profile was there, he lost a few points for technique when they got a bit too crispy and brown. If you try out this recipe, be sure to check frequently on the cookies toward the end of their baking time. It’s not a bad idea to set a timer for 5-7 minutes earlier than recommended and let the cookies continue to “cook” on the baking sheet as they’re cooling. Use a little less flour to achieve a chewier, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookie. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies had the highest score, and were described to be, “crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside” and “everything you would want in a cookie.” So, take that as you will.

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookies may not have had the winning numbers, but credit must be given for stepping out on a limb with something new. Everyone’s well familiar with chocolate chip cookies, and while both Jayne and Cole did something a little different, it was Cole’s cookies that take 1st for originality. Some highlighted quotes were “great consistency”, “one thumb’s up” and “a balanced taste.”

Finding Your Favorite Recipe

Try out one or both of these easy cookie recipes! What are your tips for making the perfect cookies? Do you have any favorite cookie recipes? Let us know the comments!

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