The Foster Beauty Fashion Show in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach and Norfolk locals, you don’t want to miss this flourishing fashion show by the mega-entrepreneurial couple Ace and Ariana Foster!

With local and nationwide fashion apparel and modeling talent, locally prepared cuisine, and tons of networking opportunities, mark your calendars for April 23rd for the second Foster Beauty Fashion Show. Read on below to learn more about this Virginia Power couple and this exciting upcoming event!

Foster Beauty Power Couple

Q: Tell us a little about the both of you as a couple? 

A: Our paths crossed in Maryland when we received training in public affairs. We are both Mass Communication Specialists (MC) in the Navy. Soon after meeting, we worked together on throwing a “murder mystery” party. The party exceeded our initial expectations, and we realized how well we worked together and that we both have a passion for making people happy through planning events together.

Q: How have the Navy/military and your jobs as MCs helped you with entrepreneurship and starting your businesses and events?

A: As MCs, we are the photographers, videographers, journalists, graphic designers, social media managers, etc., for the Navy. We have to multitask all the time and improvise, be creative, work under pressure, meet deadlines, plan out projects, and more. It’s safe to say that the Navy has helped prepare us to run our businesses successfully. 

Q: What are both of your favorite things about living in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area?

A: We love that the seven cities give us so many options of things to do and places to eat. And the people here have a great vibe.

Q: Do you see yourselves staying in the area for a while?

A: We love it here. In fact, we are trying to get our next duty station to be one in this area.

All About Foster Beauty

Q: Tell us a little bit about Foster Beauty? What made you finally take the leap into starting your own business.

A: Foster Beauty is our line of all-natural and vegan skincare products. After extensive research on the integumentary system, I (Ariana) started making products to pass the time while Ace was deployed at the start of the pandemic in 2020. After enjoying my results and getting positive feedback from our friends and family, we decided it was time to share Foster Beauty with the world.

Q: How have you seen the business grow, and what products have people loved the most?

A: The business has seen tremendous growth over the last two years. We always seek opportunities to attend local events, collaborate with other creatives and business owners, and spread the word about Foster Beauty. Our customers have their personal favorites, but our most popular products are our “Cloud Nine” body butter and our naturally (and delightfully) fragranced soaps.

Fostering the Foster Beauty Fashion Show

Q: Foster Beauty led to the Foster Beauty Fashion Show. When did this idea take shape?

A: We create our own marketing content for Foster Beauty. In the process, we began meeting local creators such as models, artists, designers, photographers, musicians, dancers, and entrepreneurs. One day it hit us that we could combine all our interests by putting together an event that would benefit everyone involved.

Q: When and where is the show, and how can one get tickets?

A: The fashion show will take place on April 23rd from 6-10 PM at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. You can purchase tickets from Eventbrite here. And you can check out the Foster Beauty fashion show website to learn more.

Doors open at 6 PM, where people can peruse the art museum taking in all kinds of modern and contemporary art. There will also be a business expo and cocktail hour between 6-8 PM. The fashion show will take place between 8 and 10 PM. The dress code will be semi-formal, but of course, dress to impress!

Q: What did you learn from your first previous show last October?

A: We learned that we are very passionate about hosting fashion events and that we were right in believing that people desired a show of this caliber in the Hampton Roads. It felt great to see people enjoying the different kinds of art all in one night, from the gallery art to the fashion and music. We like to think that we succeeded in giving our guests a night remember.

Q: What are some things that will be different and unique about this spring show.

A: Of course, the garments will be all new and the music acts and the art exhibit. We have a celebrity model guest and a Rock the Runway competition with a cash prize for the top model. Also, this time we will have gourmet food provided by the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, new sponsors and vendors, and a few other surprises that you’ll have to be there to see! Not to forget, we are now hosting a Fashion Weekend with our VIP reception the Thursday before the show and a press networking event the night before the show in downtown Norfolk.

Foster Beauty Fashion Show Details

Q: What designers and themes will be featured in this show? Where are these Designers from?

A: Our designers will be revealed at the event on April 23rd and will be showcasing their current Spring/Summer 2022 Collections. Our designers are local and from throughout the DMV. Most notably, two of our designers are Baltimore, Maryland natives.

Q: What sort of retailers, entrepreneurs, and other people will attend the show?

A: We have a vast array of retailers, entrepreneurs, fashion industry leaders, and Hampton Roads business professionals attending the event. It will truly be a “who’s who” for the new generation of leaders in the 757.

Q: What do you love about having the show at the Virginia MOCA?

A: The MOCA is such a beautiful venue with ample space to bring our vision to life. Also, having their art gallery open as part of our pre-show events is such a wonderful addition.

Q: What are some of the largest rewards and challenges of running a business and fashion event? Especially as a couple?

A: One of the best rewards is meeting so many people and making them happy through our beauty products, media services, and the show. The challenge is getting everything done and still having free time considering our profession in the Navy.

Q: What are you both most excited about for this upcoming show?

A: We are looking forward to two things: viewing all the talent that will be on display and building meaningful connections with all of our guests!

Fashion Forward Families in Virginia Beach

We are so excited to see Ariana and Ace supporting so many amazing designers, businesses, and the arts in the Virginia Beach area! This couple is nothing short of inspiring with their a beauty skincare line, work for the Navy, and, of course, their exquisite Foster Beauty Fashion show event. You can’t help but love them! We wish them all the success and hope you get the chance to attend their spring show or a show in the future. Be sure to check out the tickets for the fashion show here, and for more family and Virginia Beach-related content, be sure to check out

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