Watersports: Seven Activities to Try in Virginia Beach

family surfing at the beach in the ocean

When you visit Virginia Beach, you’ll probably be spending the majority of your time IN, ON, or AROUND some type of water. It just depends on which activities tickle your flippers. Here are 7 excellent watersports in Virginia Beach.

1) Surf’s Up!

The surf culture of Virginia Beach is armed with some good vibes. In fact, the town is credited for the beginning of East Coast surfing. So if this is your first time or millionth time surfing off of our beautiful beaches, you have picked a great spot. Surfing is definitely one of the top watersports in Virginia Beach!

The Atlantic Ocean boasts waves for all surfing abilities and ages. If you’re new to the sport – you can sign up for group & private lessons or camps from the pros of the area. Two great places to start are local companies WRV or VB Surf Sessions (you can also rent surfboards from them too).

Regardless of your surfing experience or board skills, there are a few important things you must check before you hit the water. Give yourself a refresher on Virginia Beach’s “Beach Rules & Water Safety“. This includes specific locations where the VBLS has placed Lifeguards, as well as information about rip currents, and what to do if someone needs help.

Next up, head over to Surfline.com. This is the locals’ go-to site to check the tides & swells and get an exact direction(s) as to where the wind is coming and going from. You can view the ocean from live streaming cameras up and down the beaches. The weather will determine the day, time of day, and beach where you dip into the water.

Board? Check. Rashguard? Check. Surfboard? Check. Your final step is to strap on that leash and step into the ocean. All you need to do is try.

Because remember: “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”~ PHIL EDWARDS

2) Pontoon = Relaxation

A good way to see Virginia Beach from a brand new angle is to hop on a boat and cruise our many inland waterways! Bay Venture Boat Rentals has a large fleet of pontoon boats that you can rent, with or without a boater’s license. Pack a large picnic lunch, your bathing suits, and towels, and don’t forget one life jacket per person. Maybe bring a waterproof sound system so you can, and as many family and friends as the boat can handle (14 people max, with 10 adults max), and get ready to just RELAX. You can go tubing behind the boat, or pull up to one of the beaches along Linkhorn Bay, Broad Bay, Crystal Lake, Long Creek, and the Lynnhaven Inlet and enjoy your picnic. You may even come upon Virginia Beach’s first floating food boat – the Barnacle!

3) Rudee Inlet – The Place for Watersports

You’ll find everything you need for any water activity or water sport at Virginia Beach’s Fishing Center in Rudee Inlet. This is your go-to hub to rent jet skis, go parasailing, or choose from a fleet of boats from Rudee Tours when you head out onto the ocean to dolphin watch or just go fast! Is fishing on your list of “to-do’s” while you’re in town? You’ve come to the right place. Virginia Beach Fishing Center is the home of the largest sport-fishing fleet in Virginia! Their charter fleet runs year-round out of Virginia Beach and “is always ready to take you on your next great adventure.” Rudee Inlet offers a fish cleaning service, and there is a spot for transients to fuel up and dock.

4) Paddle Your Way Along with Virginia Beach Watersports

Kayaking is the perfect way to get up close and personal to ocean life and is indeed considered a “watersport”. Virginia Beach hosts many local businesses that offer kayak tours of the inland waterways, as well as out into the ocean! Pop over to our article about how to Sea kayak along the Virginia Coast for more ideas on where to point your kayak! And be sure to check out the Kayak Search and Find for more things to see while on a sea kayaking trip. Share your favorite photos with friends and family on the FamilyApp.

5) Boogie, Skim, or Skin?

Ever wondered what’s the difference between these three “boarding” watersports? A “boogie board” is a smaller board used for bodyboarding. A “skimboard” is used to “used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave, and ride it back to shore”. “Skin boarding” is exactly what you think it is – using your own body to ride the wave. If you’re new to riding waves, using a boogie board as your first tool is a good introduction. A boogie board serves as a handy floatation device (remember: knowing how to swim is still essential). You can also wear flippers to fine-tune your kicking skills as you race to catch the next wave.

6) One Word: SWIM

The Atlantic Ocean provides a beautiful place for swimming, but it can be a bit more challenging than paddling around in the backyard pool. Before you head into the water, it’s important to read articles, such as the Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association’s “Beach Safety”.  Review it with your family members. Setting clear rules for the beach with your children helps everyone to stay safe. Read our article about how Swimming Lessons Save Children From Drowning.

7) SUP, Buttercup?

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun watersport that can be done in the calm inland waterways of Virginia Beach, or out in the exciting waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Our town has many different kinds of SUP Tours if you’d like a special touch on your adventure. From VB Surf Sessions to Tula Adventure Sports – we have you covered. If you’ve paddle boarded before, you can rent your own boards and go out on your own.

Virginia Beach Watersports for the Whole Family

With so many fun and exciting watersports to choose from here in Virginia Beach, you have lots of great options. You and your family might find yourselves checking every single one off of your list. Perhaps you’ll be coming back around for a second time!

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