8 Perfect Part-Time Jobs For Students

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Being a student can feel like a full-time job already. But many college students need part-time jobs to cover their expenses. Read our tips to find a job while going to school!

Given the expense involved in going to school, it’s important for many students to make money, too. Working part-time during college can also improve some skills that will look good on your résumé and can give you an idea for your future career.

However, it can be hard for college students to do both at the same time. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of part-time jobs for students out there! Whether you’re looking local or online, there’s no reason to go through your college years without making some extra income.

Part-Time Jobs for College Students

For those pursuing higher education, the first commitment is learning so they can succeed in their chosen path. However, there are many good reasons to consider part-time work as a student.

With the average student owing $37,172 in student loans upon graduation, a job can alleviate the cost of education. It can also offer up the real-world experience of balancing a budget and managing finances. And, if you can find a job in your chosen profession, it can also get your foot in the door!

What Are Some Good Part-Time Jobs for College Students?

There are plenty of great part-time jobs for college students! While you may want to start looking in your educational field to lay the foundation for your career, there are several great ways to make money. If you already had an internship, talk to your employer about whether you could work there on a permanent basis during college. Other ideas for side jobs on and off campus are:

  • Tutoring – If you have a specialty like math or science, you may want to tutor junior high or high school students! It can be a great way to refresh your own knowledge, make money, and pass your learning on. Plus, these jobs are often easy to find – even on campus when you tutor undergrad students.
  • Fitness Trainer – If you like fitness or are studying kinesiology, employment in fitness training can be a good trade for taking on clients. Fortunately, a highly active job like this is also a great way to stay fit and relieve stress as a break from tough academics.
  • Casual Jobs – A consistent part-time job is great, but casual work can also help pay the bills. Whether you sell baked goods, do home maintenance or babysit, they can all be easy ways to earn good money! Another benefit is that your network grows, raising career opportunities.
  • Seasonal Work – Depending on the time of the year, different people need different workers. Many stores like Target and Walmart hire extra help over the holidays when they have extra shoppers. You could also find extra work babysitting over the summer while kids are out of school, or shoveling snow over the winter.

What Are the Best Online Part-Time Jobs for Students?

The great thing about the Internet is that possibilities now exist for doing part-time jobs from anywhere. This means there are plenty of skills you can use online to bring in extra funds!

  • Social Media Manager – Companies everywhere are looking for someone to run their social accounts as marketing continues to venture into the digital age. This can be especially beneficial if you have experiencing managing your own accounts and understand the ins and outs of social media platforms.
  • Teach English – This may seem like the kind of job that requires travel. But, you can actually do this well-paid profession from the comfort of your living room! While you may need to hone your skills, teaching a language can make for rewarding work.
  • Virtual Assistant – Whether a start-up or a small company, more businesses are utilizing the know-how of a virtual assistant! If you’re personable and have some office experience, this can be the perfect flexible employment.

Can You Work While Studying Abroad?

If you have an adventurous spirit, you may want to consider part-time work for college students in another country! There are many ways to see the world and work at the same time. If public policy work interests you, consider The Congress-Bundestag-Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) in Germany. It will allow you to explore Europe as you learn and work. For young women, the PINC International program offers an internship to learn about language and local culture in Spain. You can also head to Brazil with AIFS (American Institute of Foreign Study)! It can be the perfect gateway to experience life in South America.

College isn't easy, and it certainly isn't cheap. That's why a part-time job can There are many part-time jobs for students with benefits out there. If you have experience with part-time work, let us know what worked for you in our comments!

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