Old and New Thanksgiving Traditions: Giving Thanks in 2022

2022 is the perfect time to create some new traditions with your family and friends. Try these ideas for Thanksgiving traditions this year so you can still celebrate the holiday together!

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Thanksgiving Traditions for 2022

There are so many wonderful ways to give thanks during this holiday season, whether you’re watching the Macy’s parade or just making some cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to start new traditions, as well as some favorite Thanksgiving celebrations from years past.

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What Are Some New Thanksgiving Traditions?

Are you tired of the same-old Turkey Day festivities? This year is the perfect time to break out of that rut! The following ideas will help you establish new Thanksgiving traditions!

1. Host a Virtual Dinner Feast

Do you have family or friends living far away who can’t make it in person this year? Do a video call during the feast and “share” a meal together virtually.

2. Order Food and Have It Delivered

Instead of making everything from scratch and having a massive traditional Thanksgiving meal, why not be thankful for all the fantastic restaurants and service workers by ordering delivery this year! Choose a local deli or market and send something special to your loved ones for their Thanksgiving meal. So, in addition to sharing delicious stuffing, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie, you’ll also be supporting local businesses this holiday season. You might even discover that your ideal

3. Keep It Simple

Instead of a chaotic meal, this might be a great year to scale back. Anyone who’s ever participated in Thanksgiving traditions for families knows that it’s a lot of work! So, instead of making a turkey with all the fixings and dessert, stick to your family’s favorites. You may even want to choose duck or Cornish game hens instead of a turkey. Or go really easy by opting for pizza delivery and a favorite family movie. 

4. Take Time to Relax

Instead of participating in a crowded Turkey Trot or game of touch football, take some quiet time for yourself. Why not establish a new tradition of trying a new meditation or ending the day with a bubble bath? This will also help you unwind from a long holiday in future years after a long day or the perfect mid-afternoon nap.

5. Take It Outside

If you have an outdoor kitchen and live in a milder climate, this is among the most accessible Thanksgiving traditions to do! Hang out around a backyard dinner table and enjoy all of your favorite holiday specialties.

What Are Some Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?

Even if you want to incorporate some alternative Thanksgiving celebrations into your festivities this year, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of past favorites. Here are a few of our favorite tried and true activities to celebrate the day beyond a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Read About Thanksgiving and Traditions

It can get easy to forget the history of Thanksgiving amidst all of the celebrations and turkeys. But it’s important to share favorite traditions with the whole family. Here are some fantastic books for Thanksgiving read-alouds to share as part of a classic Thanksgiving tradition.

7. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watching the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade has got to be one of the most fun Thanksgiving traditions with young kids. You can see little scenes of favorite Broadway stars or the massive floats making their way down city blocks. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration.

8. Get Moving

Whether you do a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning or a few stretches at the end of the day, get the endorphins going by moving around. Exercise will benefit your body and mind as you kick off the holiday season, and it’s fun to get the whole family involved. We’re big fans of the post Thanksgiving dinner walk.

9. Make Time for Pie

There are some years when picking up a perfectly finished pie at the grocery store is the extent of your baking abilities. But if you have the time, it can be really fun to bake a simple apple or pumpkin pie with your kids.

10. Set a Beautiful Table

thanksgiving table decor
Photo Courtesy of @happyhautehome

While Thanksgiving dinner is all about the food and family, a lovely Thanksgiving table also helps set the mood for your meal. It’s fun to get the whole family involved as they make place cards with everyone’s names or even find some leaves or gourds to incorporate into a centerpiece.

11. Give Thanks by Giving Back

With rampant inflation and many without steady jobs, a lot of people are hurting financially. Even if you’re among the lucky ones who haven’t been struggling, it’s an ideal time to give back.  So it might be a great time to think about Thanksgiving volunteer activities, like serving at a soup kitchen or donating to a food pantry.

An alternative option could be to collect money with your relatives and donate it to a charity that your family strongly supports. You could also look for Giving Tuesday options, starting some new Thanksgiving traditions for families.

Thanksgiving Traditions to Last Throughout the Years

The pandemic has opened the door for many new opportunities. Whether you give back to your community or plan a virtual dinner, there are ways to make some great memories and celebrate Thanksgiving in new and familiar ways.

Do you have any new Thanksgiving traditions in 2022 to share? Tell us about them in our comments! Even if your friends and family members won’t be able to have an in-person celebration, you can still have a fabulous holiday!

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