The Best Family Restaurants in Williamsburg

Top Williamsburg Restaurants

Williamsburg is famous with vacation-planners for its historic area, and the beautiful Busch Gardens theme park. But this small Virginia college town, nestled between the James and York Rivers also provides a range of wonderful dining experiences, whether you are around for a week, or just a meal. Read on for top Williamsburg restaurants from Nina Simone.

Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, VA

Looking for a historically-inspired family meal? Do you want to make a date-night getaway in a place that just feels different? Craving a country breakfast after a reunion weekend? Or, on the hunt for a welcoming pizza place to take the team after the tournament? Williamsburg, Virginia has it all, within minutes of Interstate 64. While Colonial Williamsburg, at the heart of the City of Williamsburg, hosts its own restaurants intent on providing a taste of history, in the blocks and streets beyond, diners can find delicious food experiences destined to make each visit the best visit.

The following is a list of our highlights of Williamsburg eateries. These are the places locals and repeat tourists would recommend should you ask them on the street,  but keep asking…the list of great restaurants in Williamsburg continues to grow.

Best Restaurants in Colonial Williamsburg: Historic Taverns

Colonial Williamsburg houses four Historic Taverns each offering distinct menus inspired by history (and excellent taste.) Chowning’s Tavern provides the most casual experience with all-day dining, shared plates, specialty beer, and table games after 5. Christianna Campbell’s was noted as George Washington’s favorite spot for seafood.  It still maintains the spirit today with lively political discussion and unforgettable crab cakes. King’s Arms Tavern prides itself on being the most finely appointed of the taverns, with a chophouse menu.  Shields Tavern reflects the global flair of the British Colonies. Check the Colonial Williamsburg website for hours and reservation information.

Ice cream from Fat Canary (photo by @fatcanaryrestaurant )

Best Williamsburg Restaurants Within Walking Distance From Historic Area

Within a block of the historic area, you can find a host of restaurants with modern elegance and creative cuisine. Adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg, in Merchants Square, The Fat Canary offers an exquisite dinner and wine menu in an intimate setting. It was voted one of the 100 Best Restaurants for Foodies in America. It’s an absolute favorite for locals on special occasions. The Fat Canary fills up its tables quickly, so be sure to make a reservation.

A block over, on Prince George St. The Blue Talon offers all-day dining with a welcoming European flair. It has excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. So The Blue Talon is perfect for girls’ weekend brunch, lunch with friends, date nights, or group dinners out.

Further down Prince George Street, Amber Ox Public House/Brewery has become the new favorite spot for both locals and visitors. Describing themselves as “a seasonally inspired brewpub with a modern approach,” Amber Ox offers lunchand dinner every day and a brunch menu on Sunday. They also have an amazing array of craft-inspired cocktail and small-batch beers. A great spot for couples, families or groups on the patio, Amber Ox provides the best of Williamsburg. It’s committed to great traditions but stays creative and ever-evolving.

Pan-Roasted Duck from The Amber Ox (photo by @theamberox )

Best Williamsburg Restaurants a Short Drive From the Historic Area

Should you be in the need of a delicious country breakfast The Old Chickahominy House, just down Jamestown Rd from Colonial Williamsburg, has been feeding breakfast and lunch to happy families since 1955. Highlights of their unchanging menu of Southern favorites include Miss Melinda’s Pancakes, Ham Biscuits, Brunswick Stew, and Chicken and Dumplings. Open every day for breakfast and lunch, The Old Chickahominy House recently began serving a Southern Supper on Friday and Saturday evenings. Be sure to check on reservations and restrictions – this whimsical farmhouse, one of the best Williamsburg restaurants, with its three-story antique gift shop, often has a crowd.

Just a block further down Jamestown Rd, La Tienda is a family-owned Williamsburg-based Spanish food store shipping hundreds of thousands of orders each year throughout the US and Canada. La Tienda makes our list of Best Williamsburg Restaurants because they have a market and tapas bar for a dining experience. It promises the best of Spain in culinary and community experiences, and does not disappoint! Dining at La Tienda promises a memorable experience for both couples and groups, be sure to browse the market afterward.

Best Place for Pizza in Williamsburg

Sal’s by Victor, a five-minute drive down Richmond Rd from Colonial Williamsburg, is the ideal stop for you and your loud family, the whole team after the game, or your college-student when she decides to bring ALL of her college roommates along for dinner. Sal’s serves excellent Italian food at reasonable prices. Their fantastic staff can deal with anything – with kindness and great service. Whether you want to order large pizzas or a three-course meal on your anniversary – Sal’s can do it and do it well. Sal’s by Victor is one of the best Williamsburg restaurants for any and every occasion.

Williamsburg, VA is a small town with a lot to offer – in every season. Next time you are in town or driving through, check out one of these spots for a memorable dining experience. Whether offering historical flair, contemporary cuisine, or really great pizza, these Williamsburg restaurants are sure to satisfy your crowd and your hunger.

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